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Travel and work in NYC for up to 12months, which visa?

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Hello there, i was wondering if anyone could help, im a forum amatuer!!!

I have been to NYC 4 times now, i love the city, everytime i leave i just wanna go back!! i want to spend up to 12 months there this december onwards, living in a hostel, hoping to work for the experience. I understand that a visitors visa can give u 90 days, can this be extended? without having a job offer prior to going over there (i want to explore the city for a month of two before working) which visa would allow me to work?

I would appreciate any help greatly, info online hasnt been too great at all.

Thank you, Rachael


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    Rachael - I agree with you about New York - it is the greatest and most addictive city of them all! Unfortunately lots of other people feel the same way, hence the strict visa requirements. It is very tough to extend your tourist visa, unless you convert into a full time student visa or get into a J1 exchange programme that allows you to work in the US for 1 year. That is normally organised by a foreign university or a work exchange company.
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    I actually love it so much!! and your right, I have thought about doing “work america” with bunac and a few other companies but unfortunately the requirements for those kind of org’s is that u need to be a student in order for them to process your visa. Albeit im only a young un but I’ve never been interested in being a student, I get itchy feet thinking I could make money working instead of sitting in class (yes there are pro’s and con’s to this but let not get side tracked haha)

    Okay, what I don’t understand is people that go travelling, a visitors visa would not suffice if they were to be in the same city for more than 3 months right?

    I’ve called loads of visa companies here within the UK, global visa’s, international visas, consular services who all just suggerst to have a look @ the US Embassy website, problem is, its possibly the worst website I’ve ever seen.. what a nightmare!
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