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Studant Visa to Argentina

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I am currently a highschool student with an exchange student at my house from Argentina, and I am trying to plan to go live at her house as an exchange student....due to costs and the fact that i have a place to say, i am not going through a program....I'm wondering what different paperwork, passport, ect. i will need to get the right visa for my stay?


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    Are you going to study in Argentina or just live there and pretend you are studying? If it is the former then go to your closest Argentinean embassy and apply for a student visa. They will tell you what else they require from you (like a letter from the school you are going to attend, etc).
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    Nationals of countries not appearing above may require a visa to enter Argentina for any length of time. Transit passengers holding confirmed onward or return tickets for travel provided continuing their journey within 6 hours and not leaving the airport. Note: Visa exemptions mentioned above are for tourist and business purposes only. However, business travellers are advised to contact the Argentinean Consulate before departure.

    What documents will be required?
    All student visa applications will require at least the following:
    Application form
    1 passport photo
    Return ticket
    Letter from employer

    In addition, student visa applications may require:
    Letter of acceptance from Argentine institute
    Copy of police record (with Spanish translation)
    Medical examination report (with Spanish translation) Other types of visas: PASSPORT
    Passport valid for 6 months required by all except nationals of Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay who, for journeys that do not go beyond Argentina and these five countries, may use their national ID cards.

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