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Working together

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Hi, my girlfriend and I are looking for hospitality work in countries such as USA, UK, Canada, Europe, cruise ships etc. I'm Serbian and she's South African. We've both got good CV's with plenty of UK working experience and are under 25y. Our nationalities don't give us a lot of options, so we aren't very picky. There is so many working programs and opportunities out there, but plenty of them aren't open for people from our countries so we are asking you for help. What can we do?


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    Hello Dear!,

    I am Vivian, I do not think that the age appearance is so important. The most important is what is inside you and how do you feel about the life. I know this life from many sides and I am rather mature already to know how to make a man happy. I think we should use every chance to find our happiness. and I am contacting you for obvious reason which you will understand as we proceed. Reply me through my private email address ([email protected])
    so that I will send more details to you, and I have a very important thing to tell you, I still hope for your reply into my box, have a pleasant day,
    ([email protected])
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    What I suggest for you two with your present nationalities that you better go to Dubai,United Arab Emirates which is the heaven on earth for hospitality management jobs due to very rich hotel industry and then after some time and savings you can move ahead or go to Malaysia work there and earn a degreee in Hospitality Management and then migrate to Australia.
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