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Surfing in Canberra area?

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I've been in Australia for a few months now, currently staying just outside of Sydney and about to venture up the East coast. I was wondering if anyone can tell me whether or not there are any decent surf spots in ACT round Canberra? I'll be there for a couple of weeks staying with some mates, but they don't surf, so any advice or info would be greatly appreciated.


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    canberra is about 3 hours from several good surf spots, ive been surfing down there for 20 years, try going down the coast by the Batemens bay road, eg Moruya rivermouth is an excellent left and right river mouth, protected from south winds in winter, but needs a bit of swell to work, there is also a god right on the breakwall on the north side of the river, 'pink rocks' near Broulee a bit futher down the coast is a world class righthand barrel but only breaks in large east swells or giant se swells and is a long 20 minute walk from broulee carpark on an offshore island- connected by a sandspit, 'potato point' township has a left and a right on both sides on the headland and is a good option because it handles the dominent south-se winds and is very consistent, but again needs a bit of swell to work-there is also a right point there at blackfellows just up the dirt road but it is only average, preferably big south swell, also narooma has a breakwall -another very good righthander -just north of narooma, also try bawley point a bit futher north towards sydney for several wold class hollow reefs including guillotines, bawley point and 'no toes', but these waves are for experts (ask Tom Curren who almost drowned at No toes big left), and Mick Fanning rates guilltiones as one of his all time favourite waves-a big right barrel but very dangerous-needs big swells), ulladulla a bit further up has a long left and right at golf course reef just north of town near the golf course, and if you are lucky a very big sunset style right peak at Ulladulla bommie-but ive never seen it work properly. Further up bendalong beach is a consistent beach break. Best times ive had are at potato point, moruya rivermouth, and broulee pink rocks, the first 2 of which often work in winter with solid south swells and south winds, but brouleepink rocks- perhpas the best wave of all really does need a big east swell to work properly. It breaks like North Point in WA, but only rarely, good luck
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