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Visa types for Thailand

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I am going to teach at a Bangkok university for three months this summer/fall and, at the end of my stay travel in the country and to neighboring countries. Therefore, I will be in and out of Thailand for about 4 months before returning to the U.S. and will need a multiple entry visa. The "business" multiple entry visa is a whopping $175 and I am wondering if there is any visa type for Thailand that covers a person who is entering the country to teach.


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    In order to teach you need a work permit and in order to get a work permit you need the Type B Non-Immigrant visa (business visa). There is really no way around that.

    The cost seems high, but putting things in perspective, the USA charges Thais $135 to apply for a tourist visa and that cost represents a much high percentage of their income vs what the $175 represents to westerners.
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