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Visa problems when traveling to countries that hate one another?

I am planning a trip to the Middle East this summer. I plan to go to Iran and than work my way through Syria , Lebanon and Jordan on my way to Isreal. Will I have any problems with visas in any of these countries?
Jennifer Paolinelli


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    Leave Israel for the end of the trip because the other Arab countries you mention will prohibit entry if you have an Israeli stamp or visa in your passport.
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    Don't open your mouth about continuing to Israel, especially not in Iran or Syria. Furthermore, your air ticket should not show Tel Aviv in your itinerary, either. The authorities may not look at your air ticket, but I wouldn't take the chance. One alternative would be to take a bus from Damascus to Amman or fly into Amman and then enter Israel from there overland. The way the current situation with the current massacre in Gaza is going, it's no longer unthinkable that the border at the Allenby Bridge between Jordan and Israel might be closed. Keep up with the news. And have fun! Iran is superb -- wonderful food, for one thing, not to mention being cheap -- and Syria has more to offer both culturally and scenically than most countries in the region. Palmyra and Aleppo are both absolute musts; and Iran, make certain you go to Isfahan and Shiraz. Teheran can be ignored, though the Archeological Museum and the Crown Jewel collection in Bank Melli Iran (The Central Bank) are amazing.
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    How safe are you as a Westerner travelling in Iran and Syria? Would you ever be a target simply by virtue of being blond and pale? Kinda while western devil looking...
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    Dear fellowtravelers,

    I traveled for two months as a solo traveler through the whole of iran. It was a GREAT experience, the people, the culture, the landscapes etc etc

    And when i now look back at my trip i only can conclude that traveling in iran is absolutely worthwhile and for your sake of interest maybe most wanted to know: traveling to and through iran is an absolute piece of cake; transport, hotels etc, officials, people, everything works very very well

    only keep in mind you can NOT use ATM's (although tehy do have very advanced and even mobile facilities which you cant use due to western world boycot of iran) so you have to take your money in cash, still prefered in dollars.....
    and change at the melli banks or street exchange shops....totally safe

    women: drees up modestlyand cover up from head to ankles but it can be in thin summer cottons and may be in other colours than black

    but all in all enjoy!!!

    I now am planning trip through syria lebanon jordan and.....lets say the occupied palestinian territories (also known as Is.. :-) ) and thats why i came on this forum for knowing how to avoid problems in syria while continuing to and flying back home from those occupied palestinian territories.....

    Any recent and new tips on this? please comment.

    Tash delek!
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    Ron, do you look like a westerner - blond hair, blue eyes? Did you not once experience any hostility toward you as a westerner?
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    Hello Bonzo,

    In Iran i didnt experience any kind of hostility but in other countries i sometimes did......and whether i like or want it or not am always very recognizable as a western tourist....tall, camera, i-pod, backpack, Lonely Planet....... how obvious can it be ? :-) ... but i am darkhaired and darkbearded....that maybe helps :-)

    But serious, i am now in need for information how to deal when you fly to damascus and already have a return ticket from the same airline company but seven weeks after and flying from Tel Av.... ?

    Any advice/comments???

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    Hello everyone,

    I'm considering a one- to two-year position in Damascus beginning next fall. Never having lived in a Middle Eastern country, I was wondering if anyone had any advice they'd like to share about living or travelling in Syria. I'm encouraged by the positive comments travellers have left here regarding their positive encounters in Middle Eastern countries.

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    I have travelled in Iran, Syria ,Jordan, Egypt and Lebanon as a solo female blonde haired blue eyed Australian mostly by public transport and had a wonderful time Only trouble i ever had were some taxi drivers occasionally but this is a universal problem happens in Tashkent and London.
    I do think Tehran is pretty wonderful there's also a fabulous carpet museum and the main bazaar must be one of a kind plus lots of other pleasures though sadly not this week.

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    I am an Iranian. Iran was great and perfect for travelling before the election 12th of June 2009. After that they are trying to find suspects and spies. So, hold on and do not visit Iran for a while at least.

    Leave Israel to the last or if you can not go there and ask them not to stamp your passport. they gladly do it for you.

    What else. In Iran, go to Dizin north of Tehran and go to jaddeh chaloos. It is 1 hour to the west of Tehran. River, massive mountains, great kebabs and you can seat on a table in the middle of the river. can you imagine anything better than this. Both sides of the river are massive mountains and jungles.

    In Tehran get a taxi and ask for Darband. you can't believe your eyes. In Tehran such a beauty. Darbans is north of the City and full of restaurants and shisha places in the middle of the can get a telecabin and go to the top.

    If you want to have a nice exercise go to park Jamshidiyeh in the morning. you can smell grass, and little bit of dust in the air when they water the plants. amazing.

    Shiraz, Isfahan are gorgeous too. 100% go there. In Shiraz go to Persepolis, the palace of the Iranian king Dariush built 2500 years ago. Kish Island in Perisna Gulf is also awesome.

    Have fun and say hi to Iranians. they are awesome and funny
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    Hi I'm planning to travel to Tel Aviv and through to Jerusalem, down to the dead sea to Masada then on to Dahab....does anyone have any tips?? And will it be a problem getting a visa travelling into Egypt from Irael??
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    Planning a trip to Israel and maybe Jordan next June. Any suggestions?
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