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Visit Morocco with a canadian Passport

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Hey Guys,i am planning on 23 june to travel to malaga for 2 weeks and i would like to take a 1 day trip to Tanger city in Morocco since it s possible and my canadian passport will expire on the 31st of July.Can i Enter Morocco without any problems???


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    You will be wasting your time, effort and money if you try to enter any part of Morocco on a soon-to-expire passport.
    A passport must have at least six months validity on entry to Morocco; if you go by ferry you will not get your passport stamped by the immigration officer on the ferry, otherwise if at an airport you should be stopped from boarding the flight.
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    Yes we will go on 1 day Ferry Boat excursion to Tanger city so as i understood from u,there s no problem in that case to enter morocco right???? Many Thanks my friend :D
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    Yes there will be a problem; as I said your passport must have a minimum of 6 months before it expeires.

    As your passport expires 5 weeks after your proposed vist it Tanger, it will NOT be stamped by the immigration officer on the ferry so you will NOT be allowed entry into Morocco.

    You should change your plans and either go to Gibraltar for a day or stay in Spain and visit Granada.
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    Do you recommend me to visit Ceuta???
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    Although Ceuta is a Spanish enclave it is still in Morocco and the same rules apply.
    You cannot go there just because it is Spanish and expect to get into Morocco "through the backdoor".
    Forget Morocco altogether as you have less than the required six months on your passport - Morocco is VERY strict unlike Europe where you can travel freely on a soon-to-expire- passport.
    I think we should now close the subject as nothing I say will make it easier to get into Morocco.
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    Man i have a friend he entered morocco with a passport that will expire after 2 months,that s why i asked u if they are strict or not.
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    Mr John for ur information,we called the moroccan embassy and they told us NO PROBLEM TO ENTER MOROCCO WITH a soon-to-expire canadian passport.6 months is required only for Visa :D :D
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    Good luck to you, please keep us informed of your experience upon your return.
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    I am in the same position, have a month left on my passport and have booked to go to morocco (perhaps somewhat stupidly...) was it the moroccan embassy in canada that you called? I keep reading different information! Did your friend fly? and did he/she get stamped?
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