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Going to Vatican from Roma Fiumicini Airport by Train???

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Hey Guys,we will stop over in Roma Fiumicini Airport for about 6 hrs before going to malaga,spain and i thought it would be great if i will be able to visit the St Peter Basilica in Vatican during these 6 hrs and i read that there is a train that goes every 30 mins to ROma Terminal and there s also another train but it stops on several stations.I checked many websites,somes mentioned that the ticket is 11 euros for the Leonardo Da Vinci Express and somes mentioned that the ticket is 14 euros and for the other train somes said it s 5.5 euros and other said that it s 8 euros.So what is exact price and what do u recommend us?? the Leonardo da vinci express or the FRM Train???


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    I suggest to plan to use the official website for booking all Italian trains ( and the cost is €14 and it takes 31 minutes. A taxi would cost you around €60 each way. Once in Rome central take taxis as they are quick and it allows you to see more of Rome rather than the metro. Each central taxi trip leg will be up to €10 for up to 4 passengers. It would really cut down on the timing to get from one place to another. The central train station is called Termini.
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    Can we buy the train tickets a week before going to rome???and if not can we buy it directly 30 mins for example before the departure of the train???
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    It will be fine to buy the tickets just before departure
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    ok we are going 4 persons so 14 euros+1 euro metro=60 euros so it s the same price if we go by taxi.Tell me is it faster to go by taxi from the airport to vatican or leonardo express is faster????
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    Ciao Ralph, Taxi is certainly quicker if you are going to your destination directly and will work out to a similar price if there are 4 of you. I do suggest that you confirm the fare before you depart to avoid any "confusion" that occasionally happens with taxi drivers and tourists. Many Roman taxi drivers do speak english however it would not hurt to try asking in Italian if you can manage the phrase.
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    Ok Brian many thx.Let me tell you our plan.We will land at 16h15 in Roma Airport and we will leave at 22h.So it s about 5h45 hours stayed in rome,so we planned to go and visit Vatican.We just like to visit the Basilica and the Outside of the Basilica and maybe i dunno you can tell me if i have time to visit some place during this time.We have to take in consideration 1h drive from airport or maybe less if taxi is quicker and 1h drive to the airport.Give us ur advice my Friend :)
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