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Cycling in the Japan countryside

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We're setting up a trip to Japan, spending a good chunk of time in Tokyo, but want to see the more rural, traditional side of the country up north. I have this idea of riding a bicycle around the countryside for a few days. I would prefer self-directed and to rent a good quality bike. Any ideas on where to go, and how to get there (bullet train?).

Another thing I want to do is attend a tuna auction or just see the market. Where in Tokyo is this possible? Thanks for any input.. Brian


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    The Tsukiji fish market is I think one of the biggest fish markets in the world - if not the biggest. Yes it is in Tokyo but it is very early start if you want to get there in time to see the tuna being auctioned. You need to be there around 5:00 - 6:00 am and it is a little restricted as to where you can walk and you do feel a bit like an obstruction when you are there as it is so busy. It is a fascinating sight - I found instructions on how to get there in my guide book the Rough Guide to Tokyo city. It is located near the Tsukiji Shijou Station on the Oedo subway line and Tsukiji Station on the Hibiya subway line. Great photo opportunities and the size of some of the tuna is quite a surprise when you have mostly seen it in small tins! They are like giant frozen torpedos.

    I did not get to do any cycling, but definitely take the high speed train to Kyoto and spend a while there - it is easy to get into the couutryside from Kyoto to find the bamboo forest and rural areas with zen temples. If you sit on the right on the train on the way to Kyoto you can get a good view of Mount Fuji. Kyoto is a lovely city.
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