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Passport requirements for the Phillipines

edited June 2010 in Far East Asia
Hi ,
i am from Australia and wondering what length of time you can stay in the Philippines for over the 21 day period that requires no Visa.It is possible to stay for 6 months.Thanks


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    Thank you
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    aufxpro, as an Australian your initial visit for 21 days from arrival is automatically granted, you must extend it before the 21 days is up, extension is for 38 days (21 days +38 days = 59 days) it was fairly quick in Cagayan De oro in 2006 and cost me P1,520 but I have read online that with express fees (which you dont have a choice, you must pay) it can now total P3010 Depends on where you are going but there a lot of BOI (Bureau Of Immigration) offices throughout the Philippines. Visit the Philippine's Embassy website (Canberra) for more information. Enjoy your trip. :-)
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