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Vacationing in Rio de Janiero

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Is Rio really as dangerous as some people are stating? Is there any place fun and safe to go during the day? Is there any place fun and safe to go during the evening hours? Also, what is the best way to travel throughout the city?


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    Hi there- I think you have either listened to the wrong people or read too many guidebooks! Rio is no different from any other big city. You have to keep out of dangerous areas like favelas (shanty towns) although even these are getting safer tnow with the advent of UPPs (police pacification units) and you have to be careful with your belongings - particularly flashy jewellery, laptops and large cameras. There are loads of places to go which are fun during the evening hours. Just take an organsied tour if you are worried about safety aspects. travel through the city is easiest by taxi if you don't know your way around and you can safely pick one up in the street. They are all metred and you don't need to tip.

    If you want more info on travelling safely in Brazil check out this posting on my blog:


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    I think you listen the wrong information about it.
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    hey misslyn, even I think that you heard totally wrong about Rio de Janeiro, as this metropolis is totally safe and beautiful. Though every city is risky for the one who is wearing lots of jewellery and is having many costly things. But it doesn't meant that city is not safe. The only thing is you have to be careful for your belongings.There are many things that you can enjoy till late night :
    Go to the Sambodromo, Visit Christ the Redeemer, Have a Drink at a Botequin
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