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Best resort for laid back but not too quiet, if at all possible?

edited June 2010 in - Turkey
I've already asked the question about Side in Turkey. But if the response is negative, could anyone tell me where to go. Our flights are booked to Antalya. Just want something affordably upmarket, no chavs, no football shirst or anything with chips really. Is it too muc to ask for???????????


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    When are your flights booked for? Has a tremendous bearing on the "type" of tourist around.

    I love Side as a fairly laid back almost hippy resort with lots of history and not too far from the airport.

    IMHO steer clear of anything All Inclusive, with huge water slides etc to avoid the element that you wish to avoid! Also give anywhere a wide berth that advertises English Breakfast or Sunday Roast - Inevitably there will always be a few places around as they extract a princely sum for catering to the needs of those that cannot go for more than 2 weeks without their fix of English food!! And who can blame them!!!

    Honestly compared to other resorts in Turkey Antalya has far less of this element you wish to avoid.

    If you want any more ideas give me a shout :o)
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