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Visa requirement for Togo

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I am visiting Togo in West Africa in early July, for 6 days, and Iam not sure if I need to secure a visa before I travel or whether I can get one on arrival in Lome (the indication is that I can).

does anyone know the answer to this?


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    Has anyone tried the option of obtaining a visa on arrival at Togo?
    Is it safe enough to let your passport be confiscated and get it back from the police the following day?
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    You can obtain visa at Lome airport, not sure about the price, but should be 10,000 CFA for 7 days. If you need to extend your visa, you must go to Immigrations in Lome. Main office is near Togo cell office and American embassy is nearby. 1 month visa costs 10,000 CFA. You apply for visa there (be sure u have 2 pics), will receive your passport next day. I have good taxi driver there (french speaking only) and a guide - english speaking. If u need more info: [email protected] I'm Bulgarian, have traveled 3 times in Lome.
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