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Where can South Africans go to without a visa

Does anybody out there know which countries South Africans don't need a visa for besides South Africa?
How do I apply for a shengen visa to go to Switzerland if I am a South African living with Settlement in the UK?


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    Hi Idinlondon,

    While this post may come a little late here's some trustworthy information we've found on

    Where can South Africans go without a visa in Africa?

    Being part of SADC (the Southern African Development Community) means we get a lot of opportunities for visa-free travel. Our immediate neighbours offer great variety for the holiday-maker, like game-viewing in Botswana, mountain treks in Lesotho, desert holidays in Namibia, Vic falls in Zimbabwe & Zambia and the snow-white beaches of Mozambique. Across the sea there are also great beach holidays to be had in the Seychelles and Maurtius and don’t forget Kenya which offers a fantastic mix of game-viewing and luxurious resorts on the Mombasa coastline.

    Where can South Africans go without a visa in South and Central America

    You cannot go wrong in South America for visa-free travel, all except three countries offer South Africans entry with just a passport, this opens possibilities to tango and ski in Argentina, cruise the fjords of Chile, visit Inca ruins in Peru, explore the Amazon and chill on the beaches of Brazil. Much of Central America welcomes South Africans too, meaning you can discover Mayan ruins in Guatemala & Belize, explore the jungles of Costa Rica and hop between a myriad of Caribbean islands like Jamaica, Barbados and the Bahamas – all visa-free.

    VWhere can South Africans go without a visa in South East Asia

    As many South Africans know, much of South East Asia readily allows us in visa-free too, the countries you can visit here include Thailand for it’s jungles, beaches and shopping, Malaysia for top beach resorts and Singapore which is one of the world’s best stopover destinations. The hundreds of islands which make up the Philippines, a nature-rich tourism giant which is slowly awakening, can also be accessed with just your passport.

    VWhere can South Africans go without a visa in the rest of the world?

    There are countries across the rest of the world which allow South Africans in visa-free for a holiday like emerald-green Ireland. You can also visit the holy sites of Israel and spectacular ruins like the rock city of Petra in Jordan or make your way further east to some serious beach chilling in the Maldives or Fiji. Keep in mind that you can also visit South Korea and the enclaves in China like culturally vibrant Hong Kong and gambling mecca Macau visa-free and last but not least, the natural splendours of New Zealand!

    Where can South Africans go where they can get a visa on Arrival

    There are a number of countries which you can escape to last minute due to the fact that you can get a visa on arrival too, so keep in mind these fantastic destinations with lots to offer, popular ones highlighted in bold:

    Donminican Republic
    Indonesia (eg Bali)
    Madagascar (eg Nosy Be)
    Sri Lanka
    Tanzania (eg Zanzibar)
    NB: you will always need a passport and return/onward ticket out of the country, maximum permitted stay varies; the above information is subject to change without notice and was correct at time of publishing.
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    Thank you so much, this was very useful.
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