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temporary passport eligibility for travel to Japan

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With a temporary South African passport, will I be able to travel to Japan?


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    Yes, you should be able to. It is good for most international travel destinations.

    EDIT: Ok, South African Temporary passports will not be accepted by these countries: Belgium – France - Italy - Netherlands – Luxemburg – Greece - United Kingdom – Germany - Canada - Saudi Arabia - China, and possibly others, although it is only official of the above nations to refuse Temp passports.
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    That's not accurate. For example Britain Will not issue an entry visa for the UK for a temporary passport, therefore cannot travel to the UK on a temporary South African passport. Check whether Japan will issue a visa into a temporary passport before you travel.
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    temporary south african passports are definitely NOT accepted in many (most) countries. they have no passport number in them, so they are not considered a valid travel document.
    i am a south african that has tried to travel on a temporary passport: taiwan, korea, england and hong kong were a few of the countries who would not accept it. so i VERY MUCH doubt that japan would as they have strict visa regulations for south africans.
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    The following countries have a stated policy of not accepting the South African Temporary Passport:

    - Austria
    - Belgium
    - Burkino Faso
    - Croatia
    - Canada
    - Cyprus
    - Czech Republic
    - Denmark
    - France
    - Germany
    - Greece
    - Iceland
    - Ireland
    - Italy
    - Luxembourg
    - Netherlands
    - Pakistan
    - Qatar
    - Saudi Arabia
    - Slovenia
    - Sri Lanka
    - Sweden
    - United Kingdom
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    DavidF, do you know if temp passports are accepted in UAE (Dubai) and Malaysia? Thanks for advice
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    I used my temp SA passport in Malaysia yesterday and it was fine
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    When you entered Malaysia on your Temp SA passport did you need a visa? I'm going in May and only have a temp passport - some say you need a visa and others don't
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    What's the chances of Spain excepting my temp SA passport?
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    Can I assume all African countries not on your list will accept Temporary RSA passports? Like Botswana,Zimbabwe and Zambia?

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    I have been told by the Chinese consulate that I will be able to enter China and Hong Kong with my temporary passport - has anyone recently entered China/Hong Kong with a temporary passport?
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    I will be traveling to South Africa on a temporary SA passport from NZ via Dubai . Will they allow me in the airport just for a transit flight to SA .
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    Hey Liew. Did you manage to enter Hong Kong with your temporary SA passport? I wanna go there now and I'm not sure if they will accept it. I haven't been able to get ahold of the consulate but they don't pick up the phone lines.
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    Hi Guys
    I lost my passport in Hong Kong and was issued a temporary passport in Hong Kong to return to South Africa for new years.
    I have a six month holiday visa to stay (stamped in my old passport) and they have assured me I could re enter with my Temporary one.
    Does any one think I could be refused to enter?
    Are there any issues when leaving South Africa at Passport control with a Temporary passport?

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    I have entered hong kong with my temporary passport in may 2011, there was no problems, on arrival requirements are to fill in immigration entry at the airport all you need is proof of your return air ticket as hong kong is 30 day visa free.
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    i am traveling to India from RSA and i have applied for a temporary passport, will they accept it?
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    Hi - India does currently accept Temp Passports from South Africa. However you need a visa prior to departure:
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    I will be travelling to Mexico on a temp SA passport later this year. What is mexico's stance on temps?
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    am a german citizen...can i get a kenyan visa with a temporary passport?
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    Hi would America accept a temporary SA passport?
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    According to IATA, temporary SA passports are accepted by the US. However, I would avoid this unless it was absolutely necessary.
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    can any nationality who applied for immigration request for SA temp passport for a child under 16 years to travel along with the parent
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    Please can someone tell me if Taiwan, Hong Kong & China accept a temporary / emergency RSA passport?

    I will be travelling to Taiwan on the 5th of Dec 2012, leave to HK on 31st Dec 2012, travel to China on 7th of Jan 2013 and back to HK on 14th Jan 2013, returning to Taiwan the same day and leaving for South Africa on the 12th of February 2013. My passport expires on the 5th of May 2013. I have been advised that I apply for a temporary passport. Does anyone know if i can skip this and travel on my original passport instead?

    Many thanks
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    Hi, I hold a temporary south african passport. I transit through Germany to go to South Africa. I also have a valid Swiss permit for which with it Is accepted to enter to Schengen countries for a specified period. Can these too not facilitate my transit?
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    Hi misspon

    I need to fly to China and Hong Kong in March 2013 from Saudi Arabia and my passport expires in less than 6 months so I will need to travel on a temporary passport. Did you manage to obtain your visa for China on a temporary passport?

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    I would one day love to go to China to look for Tour Agents, will it be easy to communicate with them. Do they speak English? Will my Tanzania Passport enough to board a place intending to go get the visa at the entry point?
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