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Do i need a visa for California

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Travelling to California . as a UK passport holder, do i need a visa


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    No you do not need a visa.
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    A week of staying to Anaheim California.For Church purpose .Is there a need for visa?
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    i am a filipina who wish to visit california do i need to have visa?
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    Hi I am a filipina who wish to visit california not more than 2 weeks for the purpose that i need to visit my special some one. Do I need to have a Visa?
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    i'm a filipino, i wanted to visit california, or rather look for a school that offers work at the same time studying near vallejo california, what should i do?
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    good morning.. i am a filipina and wanted to visit in CA for my aunts and my special someone.. what do i need to present then.. do i need a visa for it?

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    No, I think you do not need a visa to visit the California, if you want to permanent residence then may be...
  • Philippines citizens do need a visa to visit the US. You should contact the American embassy in Manila for specific requirements.
  • The Phillipines are still considered to be a poor country, consequently, Filipinos need to obtain visas before they travel to the USA and many other countries. Filipinos are often refused visit visas as it is considered that they will not leave the US at the end of their visa.
  • Hi!
    I am working here in United Arab Emirates for almost 10 years, If i apply for a visit visa in the United States to visit my relatives, do they deny my application, as you have said Philippines is considered a poor country... Thanks
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    @Myles24, just to clarify, you are saying you are a citizen of the Philippines who has been residing in the United Arab Emirates for the last decade, who wants to travel to California to visit family residing there? You will need a visa but having proof of a permanent job to return to, proof of sufficient funds for yout trip, proof of legal residency in the UAE, and an invitation from your family in California should strengthen your application. Just make sure you provide as much evidence of ties to the UAE as possible.
  • @Myles24
    You do need a visa to visit the USA, follow the advice given by @Ella Johnson and you stand a better chance of the visa being granted.
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