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Appropriate Dress For Lisbon

What dress is appropriate for someone visiting Lisbon on holiday? This would be during the months of October/November?

Thanks, any suggestions are welcomed.


  • 3S3S
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    I would say wear pants instead: they are appropriate for casual and formal situations.

    But if you mean you would like to know if it will be sunshine or rain, well I can't answer that one. I can tell you that we have mild temperatures and luckly the sun will make its appearance.

    Hope this was helpful.
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    Thanks for the info. The weather is not a concern, what is important to me is to not dress too much like a tourist.

    Thanks again
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    Is October a summer season or winter?
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    October in Portugal is mid-autumn, but as 3S says the climate is rather mild. Check out this page on weather in Portugal.
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