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Going by car through Turkey-Syria-Lebanon-Jordan-Egypt

edited June 2010 in Middle East
My husband and I plan to go by car from Scandinavia down to Turkey and further on to Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and hopefully Egypt too. I would be grateful for good advice about border crossings, potential visa problems, and ideas about how to skip around Eilat on the way to Egypt in order to avoid Israeli visa/passport stamp problems.
Any good advice from other road travelers would be very welcome too. Thanks :-)


  • hi i am looking at the possibility of travelling from Europe down to the middle east, so would be keen to check out what you know and what your plans entail so far. Can you get insurance to cover you for all areas concerned? Have you got any breakdown cover?
  • sorry hit the send button too soon. have you any ideas on the cost of ferry over to Turkey. We could share the research info if your plans are simliar. Rob
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