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Limit on visitor numbers to Seychelles

I am planning a holiday in the Seychelles Islands, but someone mentioned to me yesterday that they only allow a certain number of tourists at different times of the year. Does anyone know where I can confirm this information?


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    Hello Angelique

    As far as I'm aware there is no limit on the number of people permitted to visit the Seychelles. As with any destination - if there is availability on the flights and in the hotels you are welcome in the country. Seychelles is particularly welcoming in that respect as you don't need a visa to visit, nor do you need vaccinations to visit the islands.
    The Seychelles Tourism website is excellent, and quite easy to naviagte. Absolutely everything you need to know is on the site:

    Enjoy the islands!
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    Thanks Kate!!!
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    In 2007 the Seychelles government announced that they would limit tourist numbers to 200,000 per year by 2010.

    However, there has been no indication that they are taking any steps in this direction yet ... apart from raising tourist taxes to create an environmental fund to help support the fragile ecology of the country.
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    Thanks David!
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