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Russian girlfriend - travel scam



  • David, have you ever heard of this crazy thing called, "Google?"

    Give it a try.

  • Davidaude,
    Your girlfriend need to apply for a Schengen visa for France .
    Have a heart Terry their in love You know how it affects the senses !
  • Thank you
  • edited October 2014
    Beware of a young Russian boy pretending just arrived from U.S, his from Prazhskaya , who lived in Moscow. His named is dannyevans in okcupid sites. He is scammers . His age in that sites says 23 and when you finally meet him...he will try his best to have sex with you.The next day... After meeting him... he will text you telling you he was 17 yrs. old only.It is very clear that he can not join any of dating sites if he is below 17 years old only. This kind of blackmailing it is clear to threaten you as you were older than him and later, once he knows that you were scared. He will want to meet and settle... absolutely, he ask money. Don't get fooled with this boy. BEWARE
  • So you actually met this person in real life not just on the internet? If this young man actually pulled this stunt on you in real life did you go to the police, or at least inform the dating site?
  • Wow, and here I thought I'd heard everything!
  • Hiya guys and ladies,
    tonight I share with u a girl like no other that has decided to scam me on a Russia to uk and poss marriage,
    here she is or so I thought,.
    hi john,
    I received an information about my trip! I will be very thankful to you if you can meet me at the Airport?! more than anything else, I would like to continue the trip! :-)
    I will arrive to you on Wednesday, 10 August I shall inform number of flight, the terminal and an arrival time - more in detail look at the end of the letter.
    I copied the information of agency I hope so much it's a good day for you to meet me! I am so glad to see that we are almost near our goal,and our meeting wait for us.
    I think I will call you from airport before my flight. You know I booked tickets on Wednesday, 10 August flight and I will buy them before my intervew.
    People from embassy must be sure that I am not going to stay illegally, so I need to buy roundtrip tickets (with returning date). I wanted to ask you about electronic tickets
    but they tell that I can't use because it is their businees to arrange all travel details and they have some extra money from all the things, you see it is just business.I think that
    you will be able to help me because I don't know anybody here and only you are my hope now, I think everything in your hands and I believe that you will
    not leave me here alone.please borrow some money. I am sure I will be able to return all your money back after a few weeks, I will get salary and I will collect the sum I own
    from you.To be fair I am not sure I know what to say because I hate to ask but now I have no different way, you see. Please help me it is only money and much more important if
    we will meet in person I will do my best, you won`t be disappoined. I see that it sounds a little crazy but I can't believe that in the worst case I have to return home,
    they all will laugh at me. I think it rests with you to decide and I feel that you will help me because you are kind. :-(
    I have about 400 US dollars yet and I think I need about 900-930 US dollars from your side with all travel needs and living here till my flight!
    (I had 1400 dollars, but flight from Barnaul, opening visa, medical insurance and all travel needs costed about 1000 dollars).
    For truth I did not expect I will need to buy roundtrip tickets, but now I see that its a very strict rule.I was sure that my mom will help me becasue she promised
    but now she sent letter that it is possible only in a few months or so because of family problems.and she can't send transfer now.I was in the bank to try to ask them about loan
    but they tell I have to have something to stay them and I have nothing to stay because I have only a few dress and things,some perfume and it is all I have,and small gift for
    you from russia with love. please send it today or tomorrow or after tomorrow by Money Gram or wesetrn union!
    I will write you details: First name: ANASTASIYA Last name: POBEREZHKO
    Also I've got an advice to send you a scan copy of my passport in case you need to confirm my details. this is my full name used in all official documents.
    They said this is all info you need. But please for any case write down more info.
    The address where I'm staying:Moscow, Tyutchewskaja alleja - street, 19-13, post code:117321.
    I rent a small room In an apartment of an old policeman here,it's cheaper then hotel. in the room of the subjects of civilization only a TV and refrigerator.... :-(
    and there is no telephone......I must finding public telephone.... :-( I do not have personal computer in Moscow... I hope you understand me!
    The address of the closest Money Gram (or WU) here is: "Pochta Bank" Akademica Kapici street,20 postcode - 117647
    Bank of recipient in system Money Gram and WU can be ANY. It is not necessarily this one!ok? I have some money but it's not enough to complete my trip.
    Please please please send me 900 or 930 (not more )US dollars and I will complete my trip!
    After it please write meall details about the transfer -your FULL NAME and Reference # or Money Transfer Control Number.
    I will call you as soon as I receive it. When I receive the money I will pay for my trip and only then the embassy will put all final stamps on my documents. I've bought you
    few souvenirs with Russian attributes!!!I'm sure you will like them! If you need something more please let me know,they are not expensive. Also I bought two boxes of Russian chocolate!
    I hope so much when I come to you we will like each other! You are already very special to me! Please when I come to you tell me more about you and your country! I will listen to
    everything you tell me and I will do everything you tell me! I trust you really much! I hope you will not do something to hurt my feelings.... I think you are really good man.I will
    never do anything to hurt yours!!! By statistics Moscow is the second most expensive city in theworld after Tokyo... everything is so expensive here... and I have to payfor my rent
    and food and buy tickets..

    please help me.. :-(

    info from agency for john:

    > TRAVEL INFO: ANASTASIYA POBEREZHKO, Wednesday, 10 August 2016
    > © Travel Agency "TES".
    > TRAVEL INFO : Anastasiya Poberezhko - private tour.(work visa) Russian-English variants.ENGLISH SPEAKING GUIDE
    > Travel dates for: Ms. Anastasiya Poberezhko. Please label the inside and outside of each piece of baggage to
    > be checked in with your name and where possible your address. Suitable baggage labels and
    > stickers are available free of charge. In advance of your journey.please note the current free baggage allowance included in your
    > ticket price. You can find this information in the internet or via your Airline contact
    > person. In case you booked a special fare please note that it can be subject to restrictions. Travel Abroad: When preparing to travel
    > abroad for less than 5 months, it is important to ensure entry to another country . Depending on the country to be visited and the worker's nationality,
    > it may be necessary to apply for a visitor visa.The worker must have: a valid passport or travel document, valid visa . Furthermore, page 4 must be signed by the RO.
    > No special permission is needed, but it is important to have a valid passport,valid visa and all travel documents.
    > Thank you for your booking and have a pleasant journey. Kind regards."TES" is a licensed and officially
    > registered travel agency. Travel agency "TES".
    > Our goal is to provide quality services for group and individual travelers.Please use our service. managers: Ksusha
    > The nearest possible flight is Wednesday, 10 August 2016 From Russia, Moscow, Sheremetyevo Inter Airport.
    > Price: foreign passport,visa,tax,consulate fee,ticket Eco.class.USD 1380.00+
    > This reservation will be automatically cancelled if the order is not purchased until Tuesday, 9 August 2016.

  • With all due respect Johnny I'm flabbergasted that anyone falls for this stuff, let alone wastes one second of their life dealing with scams like this.

    Honestly, shut the computer off and go for a walk.

  • @johnnykissfm
    Why would you wast your time writing this large post, have you nothing better to do ? Anastasiya Poberezhko doesn't exist. Move on and get a life.
  • @johnnykissfm I'm glad you realised this was a scam - I hope you did before you sent her money??? Just in case you're in any doubt, this is a classic romance scam and if you haven't already you need to cut all ties. I assume you're just posting this here to warn other people who may be scammed by the same person or in the same way - hopefully somebody will benefit from it.
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