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Original way to experience Spain

edited June 2010 in - Spain and Portugal
Hi everyone - I would like to inform you about our original way to experience Valencia in Spain.

We are a company that specialises in cultural immersions. That means we offer activities that the locals themselves would do. For example, you can make your own paella, cut your own Spanish ham! We have as much or as little input into your holiday as you like, we see our services as offering you an insight into the native life. For more information, please visit our website which is www dot valenciaenglish dot co dot uk!

Many thanks,


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    this sounds really fantastic, also for a really original, historic experience i would truly recommend staying in one of the historic "paradores" hotels which can be found in rural places and more historic towns across spain. there are the best offers and a good map of their locations here they are old churches and used to be home to important people so have a real amazing atmosphere.
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