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Belgium as a tourist destination

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I recently watched the movie 'In Bruges' and fell in love with the vibe of the city. Is it as awesome as it seems in the movie?

I'm planning a trip to Europe and am seriously considering adding Belgium to my list of countries to see. Is it worth it? It seems you don't hear a lot about Belgium in general as a popular tourist spot. Anyone been there that could offer me some advice?


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    Hey Matthew

    YES! A trip to Belgium (and in particular Bruges) is a very good idea.
    Belgium is in fact a very popular tourist destination within Europe and a weekend in Bruges is common for many Europeans as it's right up there with the rest of Europe's top cities. There is plenty to explore as it's quite romantic with its meandering canals and cobblestone streets and it's known as Europe's best-preserved medieval city which guarantees heaps of history and historical sites to visit - great for tourists!

    Explore the museums, sample plenty of beer and chocolate and stroll round the streets to get a feel for the city. The museums are also worth a visit - great art on display!

    I hope this helps you reach your decision! Enjoy!
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    If you plan on using your time wisely, skip Belgium and go see some other more worthy places in Europe. The Netherlands has gorgeous cities plus it is more touristic and beautiful!
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    We were twice in Bruges, its beautiful and worth to see!!!!
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    My mother recently was visiting Bruges and fell and broker her sholder. How can I find out if the medical expenses they charged here are reasonable. I have not got her bill yet. Just happened a few weeks ago.
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    Hmm if you are so sure that the movie was taken to that place then it is sure that it was located there. Happy trip.
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    Belgium is a favourite European tourist destination. It boasts a number of important cultural and historical sites, many of which are to be found in its principal towns.
    Brussels is the federal capital of Belgium. It is known for its squares, monuments and magnificent museums. The impressive main square (Grand-Place) with the town hall and surrounding alleyways and old houses is one of the finest in the world. Brussels is also home to many national and foreign companies.
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    It will be nice to plan visiting Brussels during flower carpet event. This is bi-annual event (just finished the 2012 event this August) featuring the creation of a detailed carpet design using the famous begonia flower as main component.

    I experienced and saw the flower carpet design last 2004. The sophisticated and complicated designs was so fantastic!
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    Liege and Bruges are both very beautiful cities. I have to admit I never really took to Brussels, despite giving it two chances.Liege, however, was very lovely, which was a complete surprise to me as I hadn't previously heard much about the place. Nice night life and scenic attractions for the day.
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    Belgium is an amazing place,I haven't seen personally but have heard from friends,as last year my friends had a trip over there,and the pictures very simply amazing.Even I am planning for a trip.
  • Belgium is indeed a great European destination and the movie In Bruges has done wonders showing the world just how quaint and beautiful the city of Bruges is. If you're interested in the country and what it has to offer visitors check out this Belgium Travel Guide which includes a review of Bruges, Europe's best-preserved medieval city.
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    Go there... if for nothing else the beer and chocolate!
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