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Sri Lanka climate in July/early August.

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Hi ive been to Sri Lanka twice now and hope to go back next year in mid july to early august.Last time we went it was mid october to early november.The weather waswet for a few days then brightened up this i could deal with until i got eaten alive by sand flies :(.Im hoping to go when the weather is nice with the ODD few days of showers,is mid july to early august ok?? (school holidays :S ) we intend to go for 21 nights so thats why the odd time scale. :)


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    Mid July to early August is a great time to go esepcially if you want to see some wildlife. This is peak time for viewing leopards in Yala National Park and there is also now good quality blue whale watching excursions which are run off the East Coast. Weather is good at this time of the year with varying temperatures in different areas as follows: Colombo 30-22 Celsius, Kandy 29-21 Celsius, Nuwara Eliya 18-26 Celsius and Trincomalee 33-25 Celsius. Hope this helps!
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    I have never been to Sri Lanka but thinking of going there next year. I want a beach holiday, but with some interesting excursions. Which resort should I look for and which is best time of year to go? I don't want it SO hot that you can't lie out in it and don't want to see any rain.
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    Sri Lanka Lies between 6 - 10 of North Latitude and Between 80 - 82 of East Longitude. It has a Maximum Length of 432 km (Devundara to Point Peduru) and Maximum Breadth 224 km (Colombo - Sangamankanda) . The Land Area is 65,525 Sq. km. The Area Excluding the Inland Water 62,336 Sq. km. The hills appear in the center and the south of Center. Sri Lanka is generally a warm country.climatically Sri Lanka has no off season. The south west monsoon brings rain mainly from May to July to the western, southern and central regions of the island, while the north-east monsoon rains occur in the northern and eastern regions in December and January.
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    Hi I am travelling to Sri Lanka early June and wonder what the weather is going to be like (we will be on the west coast).
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    Mid July and August is best time to visit Sri Lanka.
  • It is nice time to travelling Sri Lanka. It naturally sunny morning only some clouded later in the afternoon
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    Seems we have another spammer. firstly Jerry then Rauby now Alexander, their style of answers is exactly the same and they have nothing to offer to the forum.
  • Totally agree. Alexander's true colours are obvious now.

  • Actually The August is the best time for traveling in Sri Lanka. July in Sri Lanka marks the end of the first wet season and the beginning of a relatively dry season. So,July is not the best time for travelling Sri Lanka.
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