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Visa requirements for visiting poland and ukraine

I'm a Malaysian passport holder currently on a visitors visa in glasgow, scotland. My visa expires on November 4th. I'm planning to visit both Poland and Ukraine in the upcoming months. As far as my research has taken me, my country of origin requires me to apply for a visa to enter poland. my question is, how do i apply for it and what sort of paperwork do i need. and would an approved visa for poland be enough to take me through to ukraine or do i have to apply a separate visa?if yes, what are the documents that im required to produce. thanks a mill.


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    anyone?please i need to know this urgently. thanks.
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    I know its late, but Malaysians do not need visa for Poland. I hope you went there and had fun;)
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    My grandparents came to United States from Poland before 1902 and settled in Ohio. How do I find their records? My grandfather came from Russian, Poland and my grandmother from German, Poland I was told. What other ports were there besides Ellis Island?
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    Hi, One Stop Ukraine is agency, working with foreign tourists and expatriates in Kiev, Ukraine. You surely need a separate visa to come to Ukraine. It does not matter if you have a Polish visa or no.
    Only European Union and North American citizens may enter Ukraine without a visa for not more than 90 days.
    You can apply for a Ukrainian visa to the nearest Ukrainian Embassy or Consulate of your residence.

    The list of Ukrainian embassies, their contacts and addresses may be found at

    Welcome to Ukraine!
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