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Port El Kantaoui

edited June 2010 in - Tunisia
-Soviva Resort

Hi me and my girlfriend (18) leave for tunisia next sunday.

Straight to the point,
travel agent said travellers cheques is the way to go.
Quick read around discussions people say it's not the way to go?

Can anybody shed light on taking travellers cheques as I dont really want to take a huge amount of notes with the chance of losing them/getting stolen. (on the off chance)

Also I've heard good and bad reviews, not everybody will be happy with a hotel.
I'm staying in the soviva resort.
I just wanted to know around port el kantaoui what's on for watersports, can you do quite a lot?
and I've read about an overnight trip to the Sahara desert, but I was wondering if anybody knew
if you can go for a daytrip and how long it would take to get there roughly.

sorry the post isnt very detailed,
Just like some basic information please.



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    Money: The unit of currency is the Tunisian dinar (TND), divided into 1,000 millimes. Travellers cheques are widely accepted. - ( The discussions majority of people said very little places will exchange travellers cheques)
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    you get a better rate by taking english pounds with you rather than travellers cheques.
    sahara trip was very good when we did it in 2003
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    isit definate the hotel would exchange currency do you know?
    and are there banks widely available in that area?

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    Hi Gazza - you can change money in the hotels (most of them) and you usually get a fairly good rate. you can also use any banks and the bureau de poste. going to the desert for one day is one hell of a takes quite some time to get there and then you'll turn around and come home. consider doing the overnight - it's really quite a nice thing to do.
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    Sahara trip is awsome, but you need to take 2/3 days, take the land cruisers also into the atlas mountains, see the sunrise.
    Marina at Port El Kantaouri is beautiful, well worth visit,
    changed money at hotels ok.
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