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LAGOS Scams - Questions for anyone out there

Met a nice gent from California on contract to Federal Ministry Housing & Works. Traveled with small child. Long story short - had a break in and had laptop, watch, travel checks and other valuables stolen. Then when time came to come home - round trip ticket to come home via KLM required additional $600 in order to accomplish this feat. Offered a credit card payment to travel agent directly to pay (with promise of pay back) and agent supposedly said that they will NOT accept credit or debit cards from another person outside of Nigeria due to such rampant fraud. Gent said to send funds to him directly and he will pay agent to get tickets done. Then he will be on next plane out and back to me within 24-28 hours.
Really want to help these folks come back home to California but having a hard time accepting that agent will not accept any credit card whether I m there or in the U.S. But really wanting to believe this gent as his words, frame of mind, and circumstances sound real.
Does this sound familiar to anyone out there? What is your advice? Am I being played or could this bizarre chain of events be for real?

Email me at [email protected] with any input that is valid.

P.S. - He did also go to Embassy and speak with Consulate in Abuja & Lagos attempting to get assistance but got no where with it. Many people with same type of scenario that had been trying to get assist for long period with no real relief.

Thanks, confused like crazy in California


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    Have you ever heard the song Smiling Faces.... Or the saying Wolf in Sheep's clothing. The kid is a "nice" touch.. But chances are they are being used and abused for $$ as well. Trust the Lord!! You will be guided to help when "real" help is needed. Be wary of anyone else.
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    I met a young lady on line saying she was in a accedient they could to the hostipal badly supposely her..she had to pay the hostipal bill to leave lagos nigeria n come home to u.s but her return ticket was expired she needed to pay her ticket again for her to come home then she tells me she needs 1000 dollars for the she had to pay the hostipal 470 n her ticket back 700 n 1000 dollars for the bta is this a scam
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    its a SCAM!! im Nigerian by the way.

    anything money forget it, tho agents might nt accept credit card and the lots. but if he is genuine there re 1000 ways he cud get the money for his travel from family and friends. Most families and friends wud gladly part with the money as long as the see genuine Visa.
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    Surely the reason you're even asking whether these circumstances are scams means that you have doubts and don't trust that these people are being honest. Trust your gut and walk away from the situation. Macjive is right - if someone really needed the money they could pretty easily get it from friends and family who would be eager to help a family member, not only because they're family but because they would know the favour would be returned sometime in the future.
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    Has anyone ever come across a man 50 years old who is an architect and was hired in Republic of Benin to design a stadium. However, he has had a difficulty getting back home to Chicago. He needed money three different times. Just before (supposedly) the plane took off the airport raised price of ticket. Once he was in an minor accident and his knee needed stitches. He needed $250 for that also. He then was ready to return to Chicago and they wouldn't let him on plane because his leg was bleeding. But while the knew was healing, he discovered that his plane ticket expired and needed $700 for a new ticket back to Chicago. He sounds very sincere but these things keep happening. He said that there is no place that will accept his credit card over there, which has been his claim all along. Then today, he stated that there was a faulty problem with his credit card and it would take a long time to get a new one. He begs me for money and says he will pay me back with interest. I did send him some money initially, but have refused since.
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    Hi everyone,

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    I met a girl name Sophia Johnson on she said she got robbed in Lagos she can't pay her hotels fees i gave her my number the manager called and explained to me she needed $450 i felt bad for i was going to send it until i came across this wonderful site it saved me. her email was [email protected]
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