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Restrictions on multiple trips per year

My mom was in Germany for 5 weeks in March/April. She wants to return for three months in August as a visitor (age 78). She is a Canadian citizen; was born in Germany but did not keep her German citizenship. Are there any restrictions on the amount of time she can be in Germany within one year, or any minimum requirements on the amount of time that must occur between trips?


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    travelers with passports from US and Canada may visit Germany for a maximum of 90 days every half year. with a visa, the stay permit is extended according to the purpose of the visit.
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    In other words. Because your mother's visit is in two seperate halves of the year, she should have no trouble spending UP TO 90 days in Germany. She can't stay even one day longer, however! Without a VISA, no one outside of the EU can remain in Germany for more than 90 days.
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    Hi Austrian Soul, thanks for your comments, but I'm still a little confused. Do they count the "6month period" as Jan to June and July to December? or from the end of one trip to the end of another? She left on Feb 26 and returned on April 2; she will arrive in Germany again on August 12 and return to Canada on Nov 8, which is 89 days in the upcoming trip. If you can please use these dates to explain the periods to me, I would be most appreciative.
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    so sorry to have missed your last comment. am sure you have it figured out by now.
    The verbage is that no stays longer than 90 days in any half year.

    She will be fine.
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