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Re-entry requirements, deported from Korea



  • @cheerin
    I gave you the answer but you obviously think you know it all, yet your mother has been refused twice so you are doing something wrong.
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    Hi @Alethia

    Last 2014 i applied for student visa. I'm from the Philippines but I got denied for the reason of the documents cannot be verified. It's because my bank certificate is fake :( that's the reason why I got denied.
    This year after 3 years, I'm planning to apply for a Korean Tourist Visa different from my first application of student visa. I have my work now and a regular employee in a Company here in the Philippines but I'm afraid that if ever I will re apply for my visa they will not give me a chance since I had e a bad record in the Korean Embassy. That's 3 years ago. Do you think I will have the chance if I will re apply again and will pass legit and authentic documents? Am i already considered as banned in entering Korea? Please answer me Thanks so much
  • @beeg
    A refusal of a visa does not mean you are banned.
    The only way you can find out if you will be granted a visit visa is by applying. there is no other way. The worst that can happen is that you will be refused.
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    Thanks for your answer and I'm so happy that I'm not considered as banned for lifetime :) so I'll just try and try. Godbless and by the way do you know someone who was denied and reapplied and got his/her visa after the 2nd attempt?
  • What does 46-(1) mean ?
    Please I need somebody help.
  • @Lala42
    46-1 refers to the South Korean immigration law that is bought into force when a person is deported from South Korea because they have been caught committing an illegal act. In your case working illegally.
  • 46-1 is the stamp on my passport last 2010. do u think i still can go back to korea if i will apply work again thank you
  • joyce09, read the thread before asking the question. As clearly stated on the previous page:

    46-1 is the South Korean immigration law under which you were deported from Korea.

    The only people who can confirm whether or not you can return to is the South Korea immigration.

    Good luck.

  • Can somebody return back to Korea after he/she asylum got rejected and deported?
  • @Lala42, your question has already been answered. Read the thread.

  • Hi im graciel ..can i ask a question ..i was deported from korea almost 3 years already ..they said that i need to wait after 5 years to re enter korea as legal worker..may i know if that is true maam /sir thanks ...b`coz im planning to apply as eps @ poea this coming e registration 2017
  • @larvagrace
    It is absolutely correct that you have to wait five years after deportation from South Korea.

    You are not eligible to apply for EPS -TOPIK because you have a record of deportation or departure under a departure order from the Republic of South Korea and you are person who is subject to a travel ban.
  • hi i want to be sure if i go back to korea again for only touris... because i been in korea before 2007 to 2013 i overstay 5 years now i plan to go back there for only touris..... i can go back to korea sir
  • "... i can go back to korea sir..."

    Contact South Korean Immigration and ask them.

  • Hello , im a filipina deported last 2011 and im planning to get married with my korean boyfriend this year .
  • Congratulations, Grace.

  • hello, im a filipino and worked at south korea since january 2007 until the entire world crisis and shifted as illegal worker due to our company was bankrupt and i dont like to go home yet but i voluntarily surrendered and go home last dec 2011.. they told me that 1 am ban for 5 years before entering again to korea,,, after 5 years ihad applied in poea as eps worker... but the korean immigration denied to aproved my ccvi... can i not be given a chance anymore again to enter korea from now on.. am i blacklist already?
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    It seems that when a person overstays their visa in South Korea and is then removed the immigration authority will refuse any EPS s
    applications they make.
    I do not think you understand. You broke the law and the Korean government do not want you returning to their country.
  • Hello
    I got visa on arrival at jeju last week( 16-06-2017) .we was 2 persons and one of us was rejected because he was rejected second time and i was admit in jeju but then i go back to airport immigration and talk to officer for give visa to my friend. They said that they ask my friend to signature on a paper for depot him to india but he not signature.and they take my interview also for half an hour and i think they satisfy from me. But they put void stamp on my visa and ask me to signature on a paper and i did it.then they said that sir you are going back to can i go to seoul ( south korea ) again?
  • @rahulkumar
    You made a grave error by going back to plead for your friend. I doubt very much if you will be granted any visa for South Korea in the future.
  • hi sir....i was a korean wife but i ran away didn't get my citizenship... I worked in a factory and got caught by immi officer got deported after 3 days....its been 8 yrs now since i came home to my country question can i check if my korean husband filed a divorce since i heard he is already married now....
  • @vhannevhanne
    You will need to instruct a Korean lawyer to investigate this matter.
  • Im a filipina and voluntary exit and my friend asking some information about my record and they said its no problem if i enter again. My cased is last time im used phil passport but my father is taiwanese i decide to come in taiwan and apply for residence. I want to travel to korea again for few days using my taiwan passport but im scared if they denied it bec have biometrical. What is the possibility that they need for entering? Invitation? Money? Pls i wait for answer thanks
  • @christella
    Taiwanese citizens do not need a visa for South Korea they sre granted 90 days upon entry at the airport or sea port.
    You need a hotel reservation or an invitation from a friend , a return air ticket and money to cover your holiday
  • i am illegally for 7yrs. Last march i got married w/ my korean boy friend i will do self departures soon but me and my husband worry how long it will take to get f6 visa? My husband cannot go with me because he is taking dialysis 3 times a week.. just worry if i stay long in my country and he live alone..
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    Why not go and see an immigration lawyer and try to apply for a visa without leaving Korea on the exceptional grounds that your hisband is ill
  • Hi guys. I overstayed in korea for a year only. Now im back in my own country.but before i left korea.i got married with my korean bf first and then went bck to i already have a baby with my korean husband..can i still get visa? F6 VISA.would they give me? Were planning to go back korea ds decmber with my baby.thank you
  • "I overstayed in Korea for a year only."

    That is a very serious infraction.

    In any case no one can venture a guess when you might be allowed to re-enter Korea when you give no info regarding how long ago this happened.

    Have your husband contact Korean Immigration. He's the one who should be researching the situation.

    Good luck.

  • @CheersTerry my husband already ask korean goveent about it.and they said maybe they can consider for the child
  • @CheersTerry it happen last year only.. I overstayed last year and now im back in my country last april 2017
  • @shytype
    The minimum ban for overstaying is 2 years. However you are married to a Korean and are the mother of a Korean child, you have the right to apply and the Korean immigration should demonstrate leniency. Good luck
  • @Alethia yes that was my husband told me..Im married to a korean and we have baby so i dont need to be worry.thank you so much
  • I came in to south korea 3days ago with a Liberian passport, getting to immigration after the interview I was rejected and entry to south korea and about to deport back to my country, I want to know how long does it take for me to come back again.
  • @bestsony
    It is doubtful under the prevailing conditions if you as an Arican will ever be allowed in to South Korea.
    Please read this
    There are examples on this forum of other Africans being refused entry to South Korea.
    Racism in South Korea has been recognised the United Nations as a serious social problem. As of 2016, South Korea was still lacking an anti-discrimination law, which was recommended by the UN Human Rights Committee in 2015.
    As a result of racism, it is very common for people to be denied entry into South Korea.
    These racist attitudes are more commonly expressed towards immigrants from Asia and Africa.
  • i just wanna know what 68-(1) stamp means on your passport....i overstayed in korea for 2 years,got deported a wife of a korean...i ran away...its been 9 yrs now and feel like going back to sokor is it possible that i can come back without hassle and interrogation....i still have my alien card with me as of now.....been looking for an answer about this hope someone please clear it to me kindly a big Thank you in advance!!
  • @vhann
    68-1 is an Order of Departure and is the section of the law under which you were removed from South Korea.
    Your alien card is worthless as it would have been cancelled on the immigration systen when you left Korea.
    Unfortunately you will need to apply for a visa and it is likely to be refused due to your immigration history.
  • Hi i just came back from korea last march11 and i want to go back to korea my question is can i still go back to south korea even if my alien card visa is only one month left? My visa will expire on may9.
  • Hi thanks for taking the time to read this. I am a Korean American and had a F4 visa. I had two charges against me. One for marijuana and the other for gambling. I hired a lawyer for both and thankfully I worked out a plea agreement with the prosecutor and was let go. This happened in 2009. In 2013 I was contacted by immigration and deported. What are my options now? Can I ever go back? Thanks for your help!
  • @dp0103
    There would have been at least a five year ban
    I suggest you contact your former lawyers and ask them to find out
  • @Alethia there was a five year ban. It's been five years now..does that mean I can just go back? Do I need to contact immigration first or can I just fly right back into Seoul?
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