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Re-entry requirements, deported from Korea



  • hi good evening everyone does anybody here knows about the exact information about the penalty and ban for re entering korea coz as of now im still here in korea and i run away with my job im holding e6 visa but for some reason i run away from my promoter but right now my visa already expired last april 2014. and im planning to go home next year and get married there in philippines and come back here in korea using my new lastname... but im kinda worried coz im not familiar about banned and penalties for run away question is how many years do i have to wait for me to come back in korea?pls i need some help here...
  • hello everyone, I am an English teacher in Korea from Ireland. I am engaged to a Filipina women I met here in Korea. We are going to the Philippines soon to get married. She has already overstayed her visa for more than 2 years. What will happen to her at the airport when she tries to leave Korea. Will she be detained, have to pay a fine, how long will she banned from Korea. I would be willing to pay a fine if it meant she could come back to Korea sooner. We would love to come back to Korea and get her a spousal visa as it is easy for me to find English teaching jobs here in Korea and we really love it here. Please help me. Thank you.
  • Hi all, I am american citizen and trying to leave korea. I am well overdue on my visa there is no way i can pay the fees. When i arrive at the immigration office in Incheon do i need to pay for my own ticket? Or will they just deport me? Please Help ! Thanks...
  • Hello Moroh, my Chinese girlfriend had a student visa while she studied in Korea and during this time she rented an apartment and used it to make a hostel.

    She got caught and got fined like $500.

    She is in China now and applied for a Korean visa, but was refused because of the aforementioned problem.

    Is there a way for her to get a visa(maybe pay some money as a safety measure before entering Korea or have someone vouch for her)? If not, how long do you think she's banned from entering Korea?
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    jeonnam yeong-am gun samho oub yong angri kung jeon billa, where illegal workers aliens stay

    lots of illegal aliens there, sri lankan, filipinos, mongolians, etc.

    they're illegaly work  without permits..

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    hi.. i was deported last dec 31, 2014.. for some reason i was involve on illegal drugs coz some people include my name on their list and i have been goin to court for 4 times starting june 2013 upto Nov 2013. then my boss told me to go to immigration to get my Alien Card and i didnt know that its like i was set-up or something... when i arrive at the office they grab me already and told me to sign some papers, but the officer told me that i can comeback to korea anytime without records but my passport has 46-1 in it.. is it possible that i can go back there, coz i've been here in the philippines for 7 monts now..thx for the reply.. 
  • Hi OB1.. if your fiance/gf surrenders she will be fine and pay the amount of penalty.. people who over stay in korea and surrender will only have 6 months - 2 years of ban.. and it depends on the case of why she over stay.. some of the people i know who surrender, they say that there will be a little bit of interview about on overstaying in korea.. and most of them cameback to korea after 6 months.. i think you fiancee will not get any problem on returning to korea and it might help also if you say that you're going to get married in the philippines and go back to korea because of your work as a teacher.. 
  • hello,
    i have E6 visa,and i was forcedly sent to incheon airport  last dec.24,2012 after performing in korea for 1 yr 7 my employer,.mr.Go of universal entertainment after being caught having an affair with my singer...i left some of my properties,like shoes and audio mixer,and my money in the bank...he told me that i can withdraw my money way back in the philippines.they didn't get my alien card and i still have it..but later found out that i  cannot withdraw my i decided to go to P.O.E.A (philippine overseas employment agency) to ask help...and they filed my complaints to the promotion.and they paid me 8,000 pesos...luckily i got my money in my korean bank acct.with the help of my korean friend...when i apply for another performing contract to another promotion going back to korea last may 2013,,they told me i was black listed!
    is it possible with these reasons that i can be black listed?
    i don't have any criminal records...
    i am currently performing now with my group here in taiwan for 9 months now,but i want to go back to korea again...
    i hope to hear from you soon...thank you very much...
  • I believe you may be on a recruitment blacklist. To the best of my knowledge there is nothing to stop you applying for a visa once the Korean government ban is over, however if your former boss has put the word out that you are unreliable other recruiters may not employ you. You need to challenge the recruitment agency and ask who blacklisted you. Maybe your Korean friend can find out more from the immigration department in Korea.
  • thanks Alethia for spending your time answering my mean to say that i was really black listed with my case? i forgot to say,that he is accusing me of running away,but i never did,.. for how long the ban will take place if i was truly blacklisted? my former korean  boss mr.go has once been jailed in korea...and many philippine talents run away in korea because of his bad treatment to all his talents...i never thought he is capable of putting me into blacklist... thanks again...
  • Thank you Rhon_Nhald for your reply, will my fiancee who overstayed here for more than 2 years have to pay a fine at the airport? How much might she have to pay? We are a little worried about it, but we want to make sure everything will be ok when we try to return as husband and wife 1 or 2 years later. We will be applying for a spouse dependant visa then ( F-3). Thank you.
  • Hi I may be a unique case here my parents left South Korea after they ended up defaulting on some cheques. But that was over 20 years ago and now they acquired citizenship in the country they reside in. Would there be a problem if my parents wish to return to Korean? I heard Korean airports do fingerprinting and facial scanning of all foreign passport holders, and I am fairly certain that Korean gov. has records of my parents. What should I tell my parents?
  • Your parents need to take legal advice from a Korea regarding their situation. Even after 20 years there maybe outstanding legal matters. No one on this forum can give such advice.
  • I understand Alethia. Out of curiosity, do you think that fingerprinting/facial scanning thingy is only to keep records of who enters Korea? If it is, it feels somewhat like an invasion of privacy....
  • JbhKay, You better tell all the major governments that bio metrics (facial and fingerprint recognition) is an invasion of privacy, because they all use the latest technology for this .
    These records are not just for who enters Korea they are used for other reasons such as recognising criminals and terrorists.
  • whoa does this mean if my parents enter Korea thru' Incheon airport they'll get arrested on the spot because of their past? Now that's a police state; I sorta understand the reasons behind the system but I must say implementation is bit draconian.
  • @kashish

    I think they will banned you for 2 years..You can take help from the US Army people. They can help you for your problem.
  • hi there ,i just want to ask is there any possibility to back in south korea ..i was voluntary exit last december 2 2013..just try business here in the philippines..but it so hard earn here.....i was in south korea october ,1997...then voluntary exit last august 2009....then i was change my name returned to seoul march 2010...
  • I was deported in 2004, and I was told I can't come back until 2009. Now it's almost 2015, and I'm applying for jobs again. How long do they keep records of deportations for? Do you think I'll have any troubles since I it's been almost 6 years since the ban on my return was lifted?

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    ,this is delone of philippines
     i just wanna ask if when can i get back to south korea after being deported.i was deported last april this year.i entered s.korea with e6 visa and work in korean club.for some reason korean immigration sent me or us to jail w/ handcuffs for 2 weeks for a reason that we are aliens and our work is illegal.they took photo and our fingerprints manually and through the airport they stamped 46-1 on my passport.
    i need anybody's advices...
  • Delone, the fact you were arrested and detained for two weeks, means that there was a serious violation of 
    Article 46  of the South Korean immigration rules. 46 -1  means you also breached Article 7 .It seems your visa may have been fraudulent in some way.

    The minimum ban on entry is 2 years but you could b looking at a 5 year ban from returning. The Korean authorities must have advised you of this before you were deported.
  • miss alethia , ithank you for your hard work here ,and wish you nice day
    i was deported from korea  since 6years(overstay and work without visa), and want return there , is my name is still blacklisted?  or deleted after 5 years, ?
    please i need your reply in urgent
  • Hilal, only the Korean authorities can confirm if you can return to Korea.  The only way to do this is by applying for a visa.
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    alethia,i forgot to tell that i have a korean boyfriend,and he wanna marry me here in the philippines so i can go back to south korea as soon as possible.could it be possible to go back earlier and  i can't cause him any trouble?
  •  I suggest your boyfriend contacts the South Korean immigration department explain your situation and ask if you will be granted a visa if you are married.
  • miss alethia thank you for your help, but you saw that the ban of re entry to korea  is 5 years ,so is't correct  or depend of korean immigration ?
    and how can i be sur of that, because my country is visa free  to korea so i can't apply for visa.
  • Hilal, as Alethia has pointed out, the only way to be sure of whether you can enter the country is by contacting the relevant authorities. You don't even say what country you are from. But regardless, from what I've heard about South Korean immigration there are a variety of different types of blacklisting, depending on the reason, and it is almost impossible for us to guess whether you will be allowed back into the country. Contact your nearest South Korean embassy and ask them directly.
  • thank you ella so much , i called south korea embassy, and he told me that  it's depend of airport immigration bureau , so what can you understand from that ?
    i was only overstayed  and didn't do any crime  in my life .
  • Hilal, overstaying is a crime, that is why you were arrested and detained for two weeks prior to your deportation. 
    The Korean Embassy will not have information about you , that is why they told you it depends on the immigration officers at the South Korean airport.

    I told you to ask your boyfriend to go to the immigration office in Korea and enquire there as they may have more information about you on their database.
  • miss alethia ,thank you again ,but overstaying is not crime, because i know someone overstayed there and he just buy return tickets and they stamp their passport in airport without puting him in jail
    i read you say alot that the ban is 2 years or 5years depend on  case ,so they can re entry again or not , i'm still confused?
  • Alethia is right, overstaying your visa in any country is illegal and therefore a crime.... the punishment is up to the government though, and may vary.

    It is impossible for anyone on this forum to help you with your specific case... you need to follow Alethia's advice and have your boyfriend go to the immigration office.
  • Hi i overstayed my visa in korea for 3 years  ,that was 10 years ago and i would like to back for vacation ,im from south america and south america are free visa there is no need of visa for south america to travel to korea for 3 months ,but can i return to korea?do they will allow me to enter?if someone know the answer please let me know 
  • Hi ajito151, as mentioned in the posts above, it is very difficult for anybody on this forum to predict whether immigration will have you on record. I can tell you that the majority of South Korean overstay bans I have heard of have expired after five years; however, it is entirely at the discretion of the South Korean immigration authorities and I cannot guarantee that your ban will have expired, particularly as you overstayed for three whole years!
  • people are just plain idiot sometimes. they chose to overstaye and then they worry. as long as you break the immigration rule, it is already considered as a crime. and yes you commited a crime! call the immigration, go there and surender, and admit your mistake. if you are ban, be it. if you have to pay, then pay. thats your fault in the first place! it is really saddened that because of these illegal immigrants, innocent people has to be punished too and that's true.
    call 1345 and be honest!
  • hi, iwas overstayed in korea and get deported , can i go back with business visa (1st visa was on tourism)
  • Hi, my sister got married to a Korean National. Unfortunately in just 4 months in there relationship in the country my sister wants to go home here in the Philippines? Is that possible she was told she can't go home after a year? Thanks.

  • nhengskie ,sorry for your sister, i know how she suffer with korean man  may be disabled or mental sick , and may be she was  victim of  marriage agency  lies which often seek for profits
    i meet one pinoy girl in home in smallvillage  in korea she was crying because his korean man was disabled  and live in home like prison ,can't get out, and agency didnt tell her anything
  • Thank you for your concern. Yes your right she is a victim of an agency. Now she regrets what she has done. I just want to know the possibilities to save her from that demise. The man she got matched with is very impulsive even shouts at her for no reason when asked. Is there a help or possible loophole in the korean law that I can check out just to help her out.

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    Hi nhengsjie your sister can go home any time she wants she is does not have to wait one year. these  "mail order " brides are told they cannot go back for one year because the agency who arranged the marriage will have to pay money back to her husband. Not because of any South Korean immigration law.

    There are places she can find help please look here
    These centres help migrant woman as well as Koreans please tell your sister to contact the Emergency Support Centre and they will help her.

    If she does not have a passport , because the agency or husband has taken it away, she can go to the Phillipines Embassy and they will give her an emergency travel document to enable her to fly home if she or her family pays the air ticket from Korea to the Philippines.
  • Hello. My name is Dave Hazzan and I'm a reporter for Groove magazine in Seoul. I'm writing a report on foreigners who have been arrested, imprisoned, and/or deported from Korea. It is meant to be a non-judgmental, human interest article, not a hit piece. If you would like to speak about your experiences, I would very much like to hear from you. Please feel free to email me at [email protected] and we can set up an interview. Thanks.

    Dave Hazzan
    Ilsan, S. Korea
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