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Currency choices in Asia

edited June 2010 in Far East Asia
Hi, I'm thinking about travelling abroad and I know most of the time we need to take cash out. there are several issues that come to mind:
* First, how much cash do I carry when I travel?
* Should I use ATM machines?
* Have you heard of currency choices? Do you know if I loose at the currency conversion and do I pay extra when taking money out at an ATM? Let's say I'm in Cambodia should I pay in local money or is it just better in $?
* Should I use travels checks?
* Is Euro or US$ better?

Thanks for your input.


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    in my experience, US$ is widely accepted. Hotels, restaurants and markets in Vietnam and Cambodia all accept dollars.
    But you better have them in small bills, i.e. 10s or 20s as they will give you change in local currency anyways.

    you will definitely be charged for withdrawal at local ATMs so I usually figure out how much I will need for my stay in local currency (accommodation, food, travel etc) and get the total amount.
    but for shorter trips i find it easier to have USD with me and use the change (in local currency)
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    ok, stick to the US$ and take as much as you can out before hand.. Have your vredit card in case of an emergency.. I'd say that's pretty straight foward then... Thanks
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