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Best places to ski in Germany?

Where are the best places to ski in Germany? Surely better places exist in the alps no too far away but are there great places within the country?


  • Germany is outshined by its neighbors, usually Austria, and its best mountains such as Garmisch and Oberstdorf are close to Austria. Most the other regions such as the Black Forest are for low altitude and cross country skiing. The downhill runs may not be as impressive but lodges and resorts try to make up for this with charm.
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    Hi Ben10, I agree totally with AlexanderStone. The only reasonable Spots are so near to Austria that you should think about crossing going to Tirol (Austria) instead. Went to Hintertux recently and it was just outstanding.
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    Hi, Ben.
    You can skiing near Munich. Closely to it you can find Alps. As i know from munich aborigens there really great. Also you can try to ask on Munich's forum, they will review you where and how much will it cost to ski

    Oh, forgot - - this is forum.
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    Are there any glaciers that allow for all year skiiing in Germany?
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    Garmish has a glacier, but I heard it was being partly covered during the warmer months to reduce shrinkage.
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