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The 'Do's' and 'Don'ts' of planning a honeymoon

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Hello all,

I am new to this forum and I hope someone here who is better travelled than me can offer me some inspiration for a honeymoon destination. I am getting married in October to my beloved and we originally decided that we wouldn't have a honeymoon due to work pressures (and a bit short of money too) but we changed our minds a couple of weeks ago!! We are not too bothered about going to somewhere tropical, staying in Europe is fine and we will probably drive (getting ferry from Harwich to Hoek van Holland maybe).

I saw this article on stumbleupon and thought it was quite nice - here is a bit of it:

"Do your research. If you have found a place or want to weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of a selection of holiday destinations then the internet is a good place to start and an initial Google search of the resorts you had in mind will throw up numerous forums and reviews which you can analyse. Asking someone you know who has been there is a good idea but bear in mind that they may have tastes that vary from you and your partner's and what seems like tropical bliss to them may be a flea-bitten and overcrowded nightmare to you. The more information you can get, the better and more informed your decision will be. Forewarned is forearmed. Do not be taken in by the 'beautiful' pictures on the company websites or in brochures. Remember that the travel agent, hotel or tour operator will photograph only certain features of their resort and in a very favourable light indeed. Think airbrushed cellulite and bowls of waxed fruits and apply your savviness of marketing ploys.

Do check what the weather will be like at your destination so you can pack accordingly or - in the case of hurricanes, typhoons or other major weather events on the horizon - opt to go to somewhere with more temperate climes (like Skegness for example). The same goes for the safety of the country you are travelling to. The Foreign Office offers advice online by country on travel, safety and security, local laws and customs, entry requirements, and healthcare.

Foreign Office - Travel Advice

Do remember when packing to include a camera along with memory cards and other necessary paraphernalia. Mobile phone cameras are ok for the 'spur of the moment' snap of something humourous spied on the way to Morrison’s or on a night out. But, a decent digital camera can produce good quality pictures and have the capacity to store hundreds of them. It all depends of course on the value you place on such articles but many, and me for one, regret the times when I could not be bothered or forgot to take a camera along with me to somewhere special. Pictures are memories and sitting together when finally at back at home and looking at your photographs of the places you've been and time away are a lovely conclusion to your honeymoon.

And DO remember that you are madly in love with each other and have chosen to be together for the rest of your lives. Be patient if not everything is perfect with your resort and accommodation as things rarely are as you imagine. We have very high expectations when it comes to this big and often once in a lifetime break away and can easily be disappointed by the smallest of imperfections. Some holiday companies and hotels have packages that best suit honeymooners and this is well worth looking in to.

I think that it's quite nice but I am still no sure where we can go. Any ideas?


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    I work with many couples planning their honeymoons.
    I agree research is a good idea for the detination(s) you decide to choose.
    A point I would make is bear in mind Europe, particularly the more northern countries will be well into autumn and with shorter days you might consider somewhere further south.
    A question to ask also is what are you really looking for from the Honeymoon?
    Is it a cultural, sightseeing one, a romantic hotel with spa treatments, adventure activities or wildlife.
    What would be your ideal? If you list what you both would want from this very special holiday then certain choices will emerge and this will make finding that destination much easier.

    I hope that this might help in your planning.
    With kind regards

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    Ok I am a litle biaised living here but Turkey is a great destination in October. Some great deals can be found as it is towards the end of the season in many resorts. the weather is stil very pleasant mid 20 deg C so lovely sunny days with cool evenings which mean it is not too hot to move and you can make day trips in relative comfort without all the crowds of high season.

    Antalya is a year round resort so flights are available at reasonable prices all year round - if you're flying from the UK check out and Pegasus ( for some good deals. There are many resorts but as Philip has suggested give an idea of your expectations and then resorts can be suggested more appropriate for you.

    I love Turkey in October as the pace really relaxes and everywhere is friendly, welcoming and hospitable! In fact the Turks are amazingly hospitable and will do their upmost to ensure you have a fantastic honeymoon whatever your budget :o)
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    hello dear,
    honeymoon is once in a life time even.
    choci if destinaton crowns this impotarnt memorable evnt.
    i opnie a destination in Africa either East/south or the indian ocen islands are places you may give a though.
    your budget and the input of your partner are issues ypu may put into consinderation.

    many a time an excotic destination are a good choice.
    once you have put in you preferedd destination time and date, we may be in a pasition to comment further.
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    Hello there,

    I totally understand your predicament. There's quite a lot of pressure involved in choosing a once-in-a-life-time experience and so much worry about getting in wrong. Maybe the best thing to do is make a massive list of places, look into each one, and then whittle in down one by one depending on weather at the time of year, expense, bugs etc.

    Here are my handy ideas:

    Thailand - easy travelling, pretty affordable and something for everyone. You can be as active or laid back as you like in Thailand. Go for three weeks of island hopping or add an elephant trek from Chiang Mai and explore one of the National Parks for something more active. I would go for the quieter more castaway islands and beaches for a honeymoon. Try Ko Raya or Railay Bay.

    India - soooooooooo romantically atmospheric. You can stay in real Rajasthani palaces at really decent prices for an unforgettable experience. The Taj Mahal is more romantic than any postcard would have you believe and the food is wonderful. Kerala is also brilliant for a few days of relaxation in truly tropical surroundings

    Mexico - My god some of the beaches in Mexico are unbelievable. Tulum is stunning. You can combine beaches with jungles, waterfalls and Mayan temples for a real adventure.

    Namibia - if you're feeling a little more adventurous it's the ultimate place to get away from the real world. You'll feel like the only people in Africa - which is probably the most romantic feeling you can get. Think huge sand dunes, desert elephants, vast African plains, canyons and sunsets.

    Hope that helps! Have a great honeymoon!
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    Nepal is the place for honeymoon. And October is one of the best months, especially the later part, to travel to Nepal. Monsoons which last from July to September would have bathed the country squeaky clean of haze, dust and cloud in October giving you the heavenly views of the Himalayas as soon as you land in Kathmandu airport (in fact, you start enjoying the mind boggling Himalayas in the distant from your plane itself). You can do so much.. to make your honeymoon a real success and enjoyable. Take a short Royal Trek (named after Prince Charles' sojourn) or President Trek (name after Jimmy Carter), take a night of rafting, soak in ancient but living culture in Kathmandu (the end of the world for hippies in the 60s), ride an elephant in one of the national parks looking for elusive tiger, one horned rhino, elephant, sloth bear, deers, birds etc. You can go to Chitwan National Park or Bardia National Park for wildlife viewing.

    For a complete honeymoon package or Nepali style Hindu or Buddhist wedding, please contact M D Shrestha, Siris Travels, Ram Shah Path, Kathmandu, Nepal. Tel No 00977 1 4410155. Email:[email protected], hand phone 00977 9840050283
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    Congratulations to you (and your better half!) on your upcoming wedding.

    I'm Canadian and i truely enjoyed my 2 week stay in Malta, no real complaints to mention and i will go back!

    So...My vote goes to Malta.

    Cheap tickets
    safe destination (very low crime)
    people are friendly and speak English
    food is very good (local bread is excellent!)
    good local beer!
    tourists can still swim in Ocober
    good night life
    tons of history (if that's your sort of thing)
    still warm in October
    car rental quite reasonable
    Sister island worth visiting (20 minute ferry ride)

    Some negative aspects (easy to avoid)
    Taxis are expensive
    public transport not luxurious but ok and cheap
    they drive on the LEFT side of the road! (cant avoid this one!)

    All inclusive deals can be found online alot cheaper than going thru a travel agency. weather its a hotel, or an apartment including a rental car.

    My wife and i truely enjoyed it in Malta and were surprised at how much history can be packed into such a small island.

    Good luck in your search and all the best.
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