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Brazilian Sim Card.

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Could someone answer me if TIM is a good cell’s operator in Brazil? I heard good things about TIM and I need to decide wich one I will use when I arrive in Rio de Janeiro, and how does it work.

Sorry, I have no idea....


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    I've generally had no problems with TIM, but I can't really compare it to other companies as I've never used the others. While doing a major trip from Bras
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    it's as good as the others ones... i would recommend Oi or TIM, those are the best ones, i would recommend you buying one chip from them and using it to call inside or outside brasil... you can buy those even in newspapers stores... the gsm sim cards are easy to find... to call outside brasil remember using 00 (XX) Y .... where (XX) is the brasilian operator telephonic company... just use 31 or 21... the best and the Y is the country code.... Ex. for calling to Texas you gotta dial 00 (31) 1 - 817 - 1234567 ... besides that enjoy your trip and do not forget to visit B
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    I will be traveling to Sao Paulo soon. Wondering if the Sao Paul Airport (GRU) has a store that sells SIM cards?
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    The best and most up to date way to make phone calls in Brazil and while in Brazil to the USA or other countries is to buy a quad band, dual SIM card phone. You will have a US # where your family can contact you without a long distance calls and you can have a Brazil local phone by buying a SIM in Brazil. These phones automatically move from one card to the other. In the USA you can get these phones rather inexpensively at OneSim cards. The instructions for a non-geek person appear complex, but with a little practice, they are very user friendly. I have a XKSSTEL 1-sX11. It even has a 3.1 megapixel camera, flashlight and too many other features.
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    (as all the Brazilian telecom-operators)
    but they have the cheapest rates (0.25R$ per conversation, unlimited time for a TIM/TIM call)
    for the rest they try to rob you at whatever possibility

    problem is in Brazil a "gringo" (foreigner) cannot register a prepaid card without having a CPF-number (natonal register for physical persons)
    so you will have to find a willing Brazilian to use his CPF and register in his name

    people coming to Bahia can always contact me for more specific information :

    greetz from the tropIX
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    I am a bit confused by the comments that seem to say it is easy to get a SIM card. I went to Rio for Carnival in Mar 2010, and tried to buy a SIM card, and was told I couldn't unless I had a Brazil registration number of some variety. Foreigners can get them, but it takes awhile. Perhaps I tried the wrong stores?
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    how canht i have a sim card so i cant call my family in another country?im already here now at brazil but i canot call them
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    helo i m a tourist here in brazil i lke to have sim card so that i cant call my family to another country...cant you help me find out what kind of sim i will use?
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    hi everybody!
    i have a problem with a TIM sim card.i live in Turkey and i am trying to call my friend who lives in Brazil but i can't reach .a man speaks in portuguese.
    what is the problem?can you answer me please!
  • Use phone cards if you need to call from Brazil or from USA to brazil, lots of phone cards and you receive phone card to your email right away.
  • hello there,

    why don't you try roaming sim card. I once bought this for myself and I use it to this day.
    I purchased mine from the website

  • I'm from America. when I went to Brazil, I had already bought the house near the card for international calls 
    ( and there were no problems.
  • What can be the best way to avoid from expensive roaming charges while traveling to the different countries? Any Idea Please? I am traveling to several countries for business purpose but always face bitter experience of expensive bill while coming back to home country.....
  • To avoid from roaming charges, some roam free prepaid sim card can be used, I remember my friend Tom came to meet me in USA from France and he was using a sim card name xxsim and taking incoming calls free of cost & it worked fine while he stayed in USA & was not worried about the roaming charges.
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