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Best currency for Turkey?



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    I am going to Olu Deniz at the end of june can you tell me what currancey to take becuase when I ask anyone here I get a different answer. Thanks in advance
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    am going to altinkum in august do u think it will be eaiser just to get turkish lira over here? and do u think i will be able to get a birthday cake made for my friend cos it wil be her 21st over there cheers for any help!
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    Jake - sorry I'm just a bit older than you :op so am not really au fait with the club situation but believe there is quite a vibrant night life an Alanya.

    danDan - take a small amount of lira for your first day or so - about £100 each then exchange once there. Still a better rate in Turkey than the UK. As for a cake you can buy quite fancy cakes in most supermarkets bakery section and some do offer a personalisation service. Look out for a Pastane or Pastalar - cake shops/patisseries. They will certainly have cakes. Or if you appraoch a restaurant that you use frequently they may well do a birthday celebration for you. If you want something written on the cake I suggest you take whatever message you want written out on paper for the staff. Good luck with the cake and have a great holiday :o)

    Fred - again take about £100 exchanged into lira before you go then take GBP with you. Do not worry about changing GBP to lira in the UK. GBP is widely accepted and can be exchanged easily. If you have a quick look through previous posts people have suggested where to exchange etc (NOT your hotel!!! always a really bad rate of exchange).
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    Hi clare, I'm going to alanya same time as jake, i am a smoker and wondered if it would be better to buy 200 fags from the airport or buy them there? do you have any idea which is cheaper? thanks
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    If you really only smoke one brand then buy them at duty free but if you are happy to try local brands then they are much cheaper here.
    Prices are as follows (well those I know about)
    Winston, L&M are 5.5 lira a packet (about £2.20)
    Marlboro are more I think about 6.5 or 7 lira (around £3)
    There are several very acceptable Turkish brands - Muratti (normal and light or Tone as named here) are 5.5 lira and I think Pall Mall are the same as well.
    Parliament are around 7 lira a pack.
    Rolling tobacco is better bought duty free though.
    Brands such as Benson and Hedges, lambert and Butler, Embassy are not available here (or if you are offered them are likely to be either illegal or fakes!)
    So unless you are a stickler to only 1 brand it's far cheaper to buy here.
    Remember though that Turkey is not EU so you can only take 200 back with you. Coming out though you can buy as duty free or the plane from the Uk then buy more at the duty free here as you land.
    Have a great holiday :o)
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    Im off to Alanya on Monday morning. I know Turkey isnt EU but do you still use an EU 2pin plug or is it different?
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    Yes it's the same as the EU 2 pin.

    Have a great holiday!
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    Were off to Marmaris at the end of July on our first holiday away for 2 weeks. Looking through other peoples comments, is Marmaris the same as most places here on the currency front i.e. bring a small amount of lira and the rest GBP?

    Also how much do you recommend we take, we are half board but heard different stories on how much money to bring with us?


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    Hi Ben

    Yes the answer to the currency question is the same ;o)

    How much? Hmmmm depends what you want to do. I assume you have got evening meal at your hotel so will just need a snack midday so budget around £4 each for food a day - but again depends on what you eat. alcohol though is getting very expensive here - a beer can be anything from 5 lira upwards depending on where you are having it.

    Are you intending doing any trips? Hiring a car...... etc etc

    Plenty of ATMs around and Visa and Mastercard accepted in most places.

    Give me a bit more of a clue what you will be doing and how much you intend taking!!!
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    Thanks Clare,

    I have heard that the alcohol is getting expensive, especially in the hotels.

    We will be doing some trips yes, maybe hiring bikes or quads for a day or 2 also.

    I imagine we will be out for a drink at night also.

    Would £1600 between us be enough in your opinion?

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    In my opinion it would be more than enough!!! Take along some plastic just in case - always useful for buying duty free. be sure to have a safe in your hotel to keep the money in along with your passports and return tickets. it's worth photocopying your passport and carrying the photocopy as you're actually supposed to carry I.D. at all times. if you want to hire quad bikes or mopeds remember your driving license.

    Most of all have a great holiday!
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    Hey, heading to Alaiye resort and spa just outside Antalya. All Inclusive. Already exchanged £300 into Lira, thankfully got the staff rate from a friend at the bank, also bringing GBP, looking to buy clothes at the markets etc. Any body have any idea if there are any good restaurants around this area?

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    Thanks for the info Clare, much appreciated
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    Hi im going to Colaki staying at Monachus park AI for two weeks in August with the family. Can you suggest trips and days out that would be enjoyable? Thank you
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    Hi StephM

    First of all looks as though you have made an excellent choice of hotel - I personally don't know the hotel but revies I have read have been great.

    The hotel is in Manavgat so a very short way from Side - I love Side and was there on Monday. Take the time to just wander and enjoy a drink overlooking the sea and the Temple of Apollo. Boat trips also run from Side harbour - haven't ever been on one though.

    If you like ancient sites book a trip to Aspendos and Perge. Both well worth a visit.

    Trips into the mountains can also provide a welcome relief from the beach and pool.

    depends what you like doing really!! But do take time to explore Side.
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    Hi Jordan
    Alaiye is actually nearer to Alanya than Antalya - still in Antalya province but over 100km from Antalya itself.

    Good idea to have some lira already exchanged as you will have a comfort break on your transfer which can be more than a couple of hours from Antalya airport.

    I really don't know Alanya as I live the other side of Antalya!

    Sorry not to be of more help
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    Hi, I have just booked our family holiday to Antalya Turkey. We are staying in the Alara Kum Hotel. Do you know anything about this hotel? I cann't find any information on trip advisor. This is our first visit to Turkey and not sure if we need injections. Can you give any advice? I have exchanged most of our spending money into Turkish lira as the exchange rate was good. Was this a good idea or would I have been better just taking English pounds?
    Any information or advice you can give us would be greatly appreciated.
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    Hi Grace
    Tha Alara Kum is nearer to Alanya than Antalya itself. I found this website,141-Alara-Park-Hotel.html which also gives general information about Alanya as well. It is in the Incekum area which has a sandy beach.
    As you have changed your money do not lose out by changing it back in the UK!! If the exchange rate wa good then you may have the advantage. It's always a gamble. Bring along some English money if you have it in your budget and plastic (Visa, Mastercard) for any must have purchases.
    As long as your usual vaccinations are up to date there is no need for any more. Often GP surgeries recommend various innoculations but remember this is now not a free service - they get money for it! As with all travel make sure your tetanus is up to date for everyone. There is no need for malaria prevention either. The tourist areas in Turkey are very modern.
    Remember to have £10 per person in English money for your tourist visa as you enter the country. It is better to have a £10 note for each passport/person. £5 notes are certainly not accepted neither are torn or defaced notes. Sometimes they will accept a £20 for 2 people but you really don't want a jobsworth official being a pain so to be on the safe side have the tenner each ready. You buy the visa at the airport before you go through passport control - just follow the crowds!
    Alanya is around 100km from the airport so you will have a comfort break on the transfer so it's good you already have Turkish money. The transfer depending on where else you drop off before your hotel can be anything upwards of a couple of hours.
    If you want to book any excursions book them through local tour shops rather than your travel rep. The reps get commision and will tell you that you're not insured etc. but if you have holiday insurance you will be covered except for some dangerous sports! The prices locally can be up to 50% cheaper for the exact same trip.
    There are mosquitos here but most local councils spray the streets regularly. If you are a victim of these little blighters make sure you keep your windows/doors closed in the evening. The local repellents are really good and the cream sold in pharmacies (Eczane) is far better than anything I have ever brought from the UK.
    Pharmacies are really good here for all ailments many drugs only available on prescription in the UK are sold over the counter including anti biotics! The pharmacy is the first port of call if you are unwell.
    You won't need it but it's nice to know that hospital and medical care is excellent here.
    Buy bottled water - the tap water is perfectly safe but not very palatable. So cleaning teeth in it etc is fine.
    Sun cream is very expensive here so take advantage of all the offers in the UK but remember to put it in you hold luggage not hand luggage! Buy some high factor as the sun is very strong and already the temperatures are in the 30s. Hats are a good idea as well plus lightweight cover ups.
    Turkay is amazingly family friendly. Children are welcomed everywhere and made a fuss of. This is very normal and there is nothing sinister about it. The Turks love children and treat them like little princes or princesses. Don't be surprised if a shopkeeper gives your children a small boncuk on a safety pin. This is the protection against the evil eye.
    Hope this has given you some information. Please don't hesitate to shout if you have anything else to ask.
    I'm sure you'll have a lovely time
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    Hi Clare,
    Thanks for all the info and handy tips. Very much appreciated.
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    Hi Clare

    Your comments are so informative and useful! Do you know anything about Dalyan? Myself and my mum and sister are staying there in 3 weeks. We are planning on going to a beach where turtles nest and a Turkish bath but i wonder if you have anymore intelligence about the area? My mum and sister are also staying 2 weeks and myself only 1 so i need to get to Dalaman airport alone - am i safe to get a local taxi (we are staying in a villa so can't book through a hotel) or do you have any other suggestions as to the best mode of transport? We are also all blonde and fair...and worried about cremating in August! Is it unbearable during the day and does it still get cooler on the evening or will it be hot all night too?

    Many thanks in advance for your help!

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    I am not very familiar with Dalyan only having visited briefly!

    But answers to your general questions - have a look at airport transfers on the internet. If you Google Dalaman transfers you should get some results. I've never had problems in taxis here at all. All are registered and on a meter but could be worth asking to do it for a fixed price - you may find you "adopt" a taxi driver in the week you are here. Another option is to ask at one of the tour shps if they do transfers and then compare the prices. It is worth during your stay asking around for transfers. I found one company - can't comment personally on them but worth a look.

    Hmmm blonde and fair - I know the feeling!! I tend to hit the beach either first thing until about 10.30/11 or about 4 in the afternoon. My main advice is take it easy! Use plenty of high factor cream all the time. Bring sun cream from the UK as it's very expensive here. If you do run out buy more from the bigger supermarkets (Migros, Tansas, Carrefour etc) not smaller shops as it may (but only may be fake) or from a pharmacy (Eczane). Make sure you drink plenty of water as well - when you feel thristy it's too late! Stock up your fridge in the villa with lots of nice fruit juices available here - they cherry juice (Visne) is lovely with a little tot of vodka as a sundowner ;o). If you can bring some light cover up. I've seen them in Tesco (Kipa) here. It will help protect you.

    Don't try to plan to do too much as the heat is sometimes overwhelming. A boat trip is usually a good way to relax and actually feel cooler out on the sea but do be careful as the sun is still as strong!!

    I'm sure you'll have a great time.
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    hi there i am going to turkey very soon and i was wandering that is the clothes out in turkey very cheap and are there real makes or are they fakes of clothes? and is 150 english pounds be enough for a 17 year old for 2 weeks? many thanks
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    Yes the clothes especially the fakes can be bought cheaply I sometimes wonder if they aren't seconds as a lot of companies have their clothing made here.

    Where are you staying? Is the £150 just for spending on clothes?

    If you have to buy meals etc you may need a bit more 2 weeks!!
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    We're going to Kumlub
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    Yep the currency tips are the same!!!

    Blooming hot!!!! That's August for you! Today was 38 deg C in Antalya and it seems most of the south coast is the same. Bring lots of high factor sun tan cream and make sure you drink plenty of water. Avoid the sun between 11 and 3.30!! It really is so strong then. Already I am not hitting the beach until after 4.

    Don't know Turunc very well at all. You can get a water taxi into Marmaris for shopping, banks etc. You're about 25km by road from Marmaris itself - there is a dolmus (bus) that runs the route. Turunc is the site of the ancient sity of Amos half an hours walk from Turunc but I guess in the heat you son't want to walk it!!!

    Hope you have a lovely holiday :o)
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    hi just a quick question where is the best place to shop as i will be staying at the royal wings hotel lara beach all-inclusive, with my daughters,grand-daughter and son (by the way age ranges from 4yr, 17yrs to adults)
    Not been before therefore am a little apprehensive.
    Any tips greatfully received.

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    Hi thanks very much for your comments - we will come armed with plenty of suncream!

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    There's plenty of shopping in Lara but for a good day out catch a bus into Antalya itself. You can combine a wander around Kaleici (old town) with shopping. Kaleici is a great place for strolling around, having drink and looking at the different shops. There's everything from chainstores to little craft shops in a fairly small area.
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    Hi Clare

    I have been looking at all your great advice on here and feel a little more prepared for our hols!!!!

    We are a group of 20 (ages ranging 3 months to 65yrs) coming to Akbel, Kalkan for 2 weeks end of aug. We are staying in a 9 bed villa and hoping for a generally relaxing holiday. Can you give any advice on costs of food, drinks etc. We hope to spend most of time in villa relaxing as I say but will go out several times a week for meals etc. We will also have a few days out each week.

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    Wow quite a party, in more ways than one!!

    Most food and drink is cheaper here in Turkey but there are exceptions. I'd suggest that you do a big shop at one of the bigger supermarkets as soon as you can. That way the fridge is stocked especially for drinks! The items that are more expensive here are meat, imported goods and alcohol. So, for example, Nescafe is quite expensive whereas Jacobs (no different in my opinion) is cheaper.

    Find your local market for fruit, veg and salad - very cheap and fun! Also there are eggs, cheeses, olives and sometimes fish. Prices here are amazingly cheap. 1 kg of tomatoes around 1 lira, same for cucumber. Potatoes a bit more expensive as are onions. Fruit the prices vary but I got a kilo of cherries for 2 lira! Obviously these prices are regional so your local market may differ.

    Also it is worth asking the villa owners/agents whether they have an agreement with a local drinking water delivery service. I use Aygaz here and just call them and within about 15 minutes a bottle is delivered. These are the larger 20 litre plus ones and essential for a party your size. Some places I've lived there's been a man with a small truck driving around ringing a bell and you just flag him down! You will be asked to pay around a 10lira deposit for the bottle and then the water is usually around 4lira. Much cheaper than buying smaller bottles and ensures a continual supply.

    I have just searched for a receipt from a recent shop to give you some ideas of prices although these do vary from Supermarket to Supermarket but can't find one. So from memory - 30 eggs around 5 lira, cola around 3 lira for one of the big bottles, dried pasta about 1 lira a pack, milk 1.5 lira a litre, butter/spread about 4 lira a 300g pack, baklava 12 lira a kilo, chicken breasts - 7 lira for 4. Fruit juice about 2 lira a litre.

    Buy bread daily from your nearest little shop - prices generally don't vary and it is usually under 1 lira a loaf. I have a great local bakery (firin) and the bread is being baked there 24/7 so I often get a loaf fresh from the oven. Worth looking out for one near you.

    Meat - chicken is the cheapest meat and strangely enough breast is cheaper than wings!! The Turks seem to like their meat with the bone in! Also I think wings, thighs etc barbeque a lot better and a lot of cooking s done over barbeques. Also whole chickens work out cheaper than buying it jointed. Some supermarkets offer cooked hot chickens. Near me there is a place that just has chickens roasting all day!

    Bring teabags with you if you like a particular brand. Difficult and expensive to find here. As I've suggested before when my lot were younger I used to throw a packet of cereal in each suitcase - light and a great snack especially for kids.

    Milk is generally UHT - you can get fresh milk (Taze Sut) but you do get used to the UHT!

    Biscuits and crisps are quite reasonable, around 1 lira a pack.

    Baby products are widely available. Prima nappies are Pampers but there are other good local makes. I have discovered Baby Cologne as well. A lovely cooling lotion - great for anyone. Johnson's products are available but more expensive than local equivalents. Lots of recognisable toiletries can be found including Colgate, Pantene, Dove, Palmolive etc. Just sun cream is more expensive.

    Hope this is a little helpful :o)
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    Hi, can anyone help, I am a coeliac with Lactose intollerance, is it possible to buy lactose free UHT! milk and is it possible to eat out safely without fish being coated in flour etc??
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    Not sure about the milk but a lot of the larger supermarkets have 'free from' sections. ?'m sure Kipa and Migros have these sections but possibly only in the larger stores. Pharmacies (Eczane) may sell the milk and the gluten free bread - worth asking at the beginn?ng of your stay in case they have to order it.

    Tell the waiter you want plain grilled fish - most ?s generally plainly cooked. As are most meats etc.

    The Turk?sh for coeliac is
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    ? was in our local Carrefour yesterday and there was a small section of gluten free products. Mainly flour, b?scuits etc. ?t was labelled glutensiz.
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    I am going to kusadasi and staying at the sea pearl hotel,can you take your own food in and eat in your room,as you somtimes get fed up eating out,also where is the best place to shop
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    Sorry don't know about that hotel's rules but many in Turkey do have a policy of No food from outside.

    That being said though as long as you don't flaunt it on your way in you should be OK. Amazing what you can carry in a beach bag ;o)

    Most of the mini markets sell cheese, salami etc and all will have bread.
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    Hi, I'm off to Altinkum in October, is it still best to take a small amount in lira and then take the rest in Sterling to change when I'm over there? Thanks for any help! Sharon.
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    Well under normal circumstances Sharon I would say yes that is ideal but at the moment the lira appears to be in free fall and the rate is amazing. Obviously we don't know how long this will continue but today my (Turkish) bank is offering 2.85 to the pound!!!! May be worth buying a bit now as well!!

    As always with the money markets it's a gamble and whatever you do you will always wonder if you should have taken the other option :oS

    As a rule of thumb the exchange rate is always better in Turkey than the UK but who knows if this great rate thats around at the moment will still be there in October.

    Sorry not to be more definite.
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    HI- we are heading to Dalya Life near Goceck on Sunday for a week. Do you still advise we take sterling an exchange there (with a bit of Lira for the first day?). Barclays are currently offering 2.9 Lira / pound which seems a great rate - how does it compare?

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    Grab it!!! Just checked my bank here and it's reported as falling - 2.9006 - it was 2.911 this morning.

    It's a gamble but this is the best/worst (depending on your view) rate in years! Great for tourists and their shopping!

    Some traders will welcome your GBP so may be worth bringing some if you want to make any biggish purchases (gold, leather etc)
    Have a great time :o)
  • yylyyl
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    We are going to Istanbul on 17Jul with our 2 kids aged 8,10. Booked this hotel named Golden Palace which is behind the blue mosque (anyone heard of it?), less worried about the transfer from SAW now that the hotel has agreed to pick us up.

    Currency: Anyone know what the rate is if I changed from pound to lira in Turkey now? If we can get a rate of 2.9+ here in UK should we exchange most here or should we still leave the bulk until we reach Turkey? The hotel asked for euro payment, what is the rate if I changed pound to euro now in, say, the post office in Turkey (I can then compare with, say, M&S rate here today).

    Travel Cost: We will be using the public transport a lot such as trams and ferries. Is it best to get those oyster equv. cards, even for children?

    Beaches/seasides: Have only booked 5 nights in the Golden Palace during our 7-night stay in Istanbul. Was thinking of spending remaining 2 days in a hotel nearby a beach. Prefer somewhere quite near, so maybe sile, agva or Princes Islands? Really for the kids' enjoyment after 5 days in a busy city. Any suggestions re. venues or hotels?

    Many thanks
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