Turkish Visa - are there any changes?



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    Hey Folks, I'm from Belgium, so not sure if i'm the in the right place here.
    But perhaps there is someone who can give me a hands up.

    I lived in Istanbul for about 3 years illagely my girlfriend is turkish and just stayed at her home and did what i had to do to eat and live how i wanted it.
    Now i came back to visit my family and i earned myself a painful 5 year ban.

    I am desperatly trying to find a "way" to get back inside. Which does not include having to marry (not that i do not want this, but we want to keep that special moment for in a chosen time)
    I heard it could be done with a ferry from some part in greece. Because of they would have a different control routine once you arrive at Turkish boarder line ?

    I sadly do not have the luxury to just go and hope for the best. I need to be really sure and go with knowing i will arrive where i want to be.
    This due to some "personal" problems in homeland. So once i start going i need to be sure i won't find myself having to come back. :/

    I don't want to sound like i want too much, hm :/

    Just wondering if anyone has any insight or experience with this ?

    I thank you very dearly much!
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    Hi Jimece,

    We are french, living in istanbul and the new visa renewal of feb 2012 is a major pain in our ass. We've entered the country on dec 6th and plan to stay here until mid-april. But now, you can't just cross the border and come back for another 90 days. The problem is, we have family and friends who already bought there plane tickets (with no refundable insurance) to come visit.
    So we don't know what to do, being scared of getting fined a huge amount if we overstay.

    Now I understand you have overstayed you fair share and got banned 5 years, but did they ask you to pay a fine, and if yes, how much and did you?

    One of our option is to just stay until april, and if we can avoid paying by getting banned, that would be awsome!!we are traveling the world and that should take much longer than the ban they would give us, so no big deal.

    In our serach for an alternative, we found this ( http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/world/europe/gr-turkey-fence.htm ) that might help you - it's a stretch of land between Greece and Turkey that seemed crossable by foot - the rest of the border is a river. So if you want to fraud your way into Turkey, it might be a good option for you.

    Waiting for your answer

    Good luck in your search!

    Alexandra & Beno
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    Hi there Alexandra & Beno
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    Does anyone know anything about Bulgarians staying in Turkey??. I am originally from the UK but have Turkish citizenship. My boyfriend is Bulgarian. He arrived here May 2011 and after 3 months we applied to the Passport police for a residency visa. We were told he could only apply for 6 months which he did and was given this. After 6 months we applied again and he was told after 2 weeks !! ' sorry we not doing Bulgarian visas any more, you have 3 days to get out the country' !!!!!!
    Can anyone give me a contact e mail for the turkish foreign office so I can query this ?
    Many Thanks

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    Residents visas are handled by the Yabanci department of the local polis. Which area are you? In Antalya the Polis have quite a comprehensive website with all the information you need to apply for different types of resident/work visa etc.

    This is the mfa website and there is a contact page but only with a phone number http://www.mfa.gov.tr/visa-information-for-foreigners.en.mfa

    Good Luck!!
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    I note the Visa for which one pays £10 lasts for 90 days. I am going to Turkey for 28 days, returning to the UK for 3 days, then going to Turkey again for a further 28 days. Will the 90-day period cover me, or will I have to pay again?
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    if my maths is correct this comes to 59 days altogether so you should be fine. Point out the dates to the passport control officer. Also on your first entry make sure the dates stamped on the visa are very clear. ? had fun and games once when leaving Turkey just before the 90 day expiry as the date of entry was unclear. The guy in the booth had to call his boss to get permission to stamp me out!!!

    When you get your visa check the wording on it as well as again there may be changes. So far these seem to be changes that everyone is hearing about but difficult to substantiate. One is that the visa is issued for 180 days but only 90 may be spent in Turkey. The other that the visa will be 3 months rather than 90 days.

    Do check!!!
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    If a person has a new 90 days in 180 visa stamp in their UK passport and they only use 70 days and return to the UK but their passport expires so they get a remewal. Can they then come back into Turkey for a month with a new visa stamp or do they have to wait until the original visa stamp in old passport has expired?
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    Hi Clarecg
    It's here again,So if i Buy my Multiple entry Visa i can stay in Turkey for 90 days in 180. when the visa Expires i can enter Turkey again on another multple entry Visa,and do the same onthe new one.So its not going to affect Holiday makers,and its really made it cheaper for ex pats to stay in Residency!...... SteveMac.
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    As far as ? am aware you can only spend 90 days in Turkey from the date of issue and cannot get a new one until 180 days have passed. But here is Turkey and who knows when it wil be forceably applied. ?t really doesn't affect normal holiday makers. Also ? have heard that the residency visa fees are set to rise substantially. The last figure quoted was over 600 TL for a year......... we'll see what happens :o)
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    Try ask an agency in you place whether it is change or not so you will know for yourself.
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    From experience it seems that travel agents do not always have the up to date information. Added to that this is Turkey and often changes are not notified and the first anyone hears of a change is when they learn of someone with the 'new' visa.
    Also some of the changes do not always get published on the official websites for a while. The MFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) site is still showing that UK citizens can obtain a 3 month tourist visa - not the 90 days in 180 days visa

    So we wait and see!!!!!
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    Hi can someone please help me!

    I visited Turkey March 22nd...and stayed 10 days. I obtained a 90/180 visa stamp.

    I then travelled to Turkey again 27th May for 12 days.

    I want to fly to Turkey again 26th July for 8 days. This 3rd trip will mean I have gone over my 90 day period. But looking at the points being made here I havent used up my 90 days so I can travel there again as long as it is within a 180 day period. Is this correct?

    I need to book my flight in 4 days and I am worried I will fly to Turkey but not be able to enter the country.

    I have tried telephoning the Turkish Consulate in London but to no avail.

    Please help!
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    Over the previous 90 day period but as you have a 180 day visa you should be fine. Not sure how strictly this is being enforced either!! May be worth having a tenner at the ready in case it's all reverted......!!!!!
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    hi would like to know if anyone can tell me about my car, as ? drove from france the car it is on french plates, and ? signed no papers to enter with the car as i came through the border, nothing on my passport, what will happen if I keep the car here for more than 6 months?

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    i was in turkey before 7 months and police catch me with little marijuana in my pocket,, and they send me back to my country,,
    i want to know when can i enter turkey again??
    in airport they told me 1 year, but i want to be more sure
    does anyone know about this please?!
    to whom should i speak?
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    Pob ? fear your entry will have been logged with either the customs officials or the Polis. ? suggest you contact the Turkish Consulate in your home country to find out more.
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    Hi Jean Claude

    Check out:


    There is a contact link to contact the customs officials directly
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    Hi,,It seems that there is alot of confusion about these new 90/180 days visas,,,,we got our new visas on 7th may and stayed in turkey until 1st june,,,total 26 days,,,,so i thought that we would be alright to visit again for a 15 day period from 24th sept until 9th oct,,,as the 180 visa will expire on 2 nd nov,,,but now people are saying this is not correct as it is 90 days from the START of the visa. Is this correct as we are very concerned as we have already booked for september.
    many thanks
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    For Australians and Canadians travelling to Turkey - Visa fees were increased on 15 May 2012. On arrival in Turkey obtain a visa for 90 days, multiple entry for US$60 or Euro45 cash only.
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    forgot to mention,,,I have a UK passport,,,,
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    As ? understand it the 180 days is from the start date and the 90 days are any within that 180 day period.

    To be on the safe side make sure you have a tenner each in case you need a new visa. Check out the MFA website as well http://www.mfa.gov.tr/visa-information-for-foreigners.en.mfa
  • Can someone please help me.. I went to turkey from febuary 13th 2013 - may 12th 2013.. I had a fine and a 3 month ban for overstaying my visa by 2 months.. I got a letter stating I am allowed to return to turkey from august 11th 2013.. do I just go to turkey as normal and obtain my £10 visa at passport control? or do I need to go to the Turkish embassy in London to obtain my visa?
  • im going to turkey 3 weeks today so could someone reply asap please
  • I suggest you purchase a Turkish e visa https://www.evisa.gov.tr/en/ as you have left it too late to apply at the Turkish Consulate http://www.turkishconsulate.org.uk/en/visa.asp
    If you buy the e visa you should not have any difficulty at Turkish passport control.
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