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Visitor from Mali

edited July 2010 in - West Africa
i have been in contact with someone for a while now in mali, she is originally from france, we have talked about meeting and she would like to came here to US to meet me, she says that mali does not accept the use of credit cards or prepaid tickets online for travel, she did not ask for money but i did offer to pay for half the cost through a travel agency of my choice, how does travel from there work ? is this safe if i verify that the agency is a good agency? and is there a better way to go about doing this if we both can only can afford half the cost? and what is the regulations of buying a ticket in mali for travel ?...


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    hELLO jjj,
    i opine you approach it with simplified caution.
    get her to send you the half shes paying you top up and pay the airline of choice.
    if you opt for the travel agency take precaution who you are dealing with.
    all major airline you may pay at any point and the travel starts elsewhere.
    with to days tech it TRANSACTIONS ARE THAT SIMPLE.
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    JJJJ - you are being scammed without a doubt.
    Visit for destination advice
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    Agree, do a search under "scam" in this site and see if anything seems familiar.
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