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Weather in Iceland and Greenland in Aug?

I am interested in the weather condition in Greenland and Iceland. I am traveleing there on Aug 6.


  • Dear Essie

    Please find information about the weather in Iceland in the following links - Greenland is similar and of course dependant on where you go it is such a huge country- but expect it to be a bit cooler.

    When travelling in Iceland you should bring along lightweight woollens, a sweater or cardigan, a rainproof (weatherproof) coat and sturdy walking shoes. Travellers who are camping or heading into the interior will need warm underwear and socks, rubber boots and a warm sleeping bag.

    Best regards and have a nice trip
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    Thanks to share your nice informative information in this forum site about the Iceland weather in august the perfect in this month people coming all over world to explore that great country the summer season is great and people enjoying there sports event in Iceland everywhere greenly you must go in the month or august.
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