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Weddings in Turkey

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We are looking at getting married in Turkey in the next few years and would love any advice/hints from anyone who has already done so/going through the process of etc.

Any advice or thoughts on the matter would be very much appreciated :)


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    Hi there

    Whereabouts in Turkey would you like to get married? Are you both non-Turkish citizens and if so which country are you from?

    It's not difficult to get married here and I would like to offer to help you with the necessary paperwork, choosing a venue, etc etc.

    Everything is available here from small intimate ceremonies to lavish parties! Even getting a wedding dress and suits can be done and generally at a fraction of UK costs.

    But to help you further I need a little bit of information from you!! For example if you are a UK citizen you need a Certificate of Non Impediment (CONI) from the Registry Office in the UK. This then has to be translated into Turkish for which there is a fee payable.

    Please give me more details and then I'll offer you all the help I can :o)

    You have chosen a beautiful country to get married in.
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    We are both UK citizens and I am planning on purchasing my dress here. However, suit hire for the men might be worth looking at. We have alreadu chosen the blue lagoon - we have stopped in Orka Hotel a few times and love the area so much we have decided it would be ideal for us. We are not planning on getting wed until at least 2012 if not 2013, but as places are booked up here 2 years in advance it seems at a minimum, thought I would start making enquiries now :)
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    Good idea :o)

    Check out the Turkish Consulate website
    This gives the legal requirements and gives you a starting point. The main person you need to organise is an interpreter/translator for the documents.
    Are you planning on doing most of the organisation yourselves? It will certainly work out cheaper that way. I suggest that next time you are in Turkey at your chosen location you do some asking around for venues for the celebration, deals on hotels if you will be a large party and florists. Be very firm with what you want giving pictures if necessary!!! Ask around and find out where you can have the civil ceremony and party.
    The main thing to remember though is nothing will be allowed to happen without the CONI and this is only valid for 6 months from the date of issue (it's the equivalent of the UK Banns)
    Check out a few of the websites of companies offering to plan your weddingfor ideas and legalities - then do it yourselves.
    Often the best way to find an interpreter is at the nearest university or college. Or the local Noter Office will have a list.
    Good luck and fire away if you have any more questions :o)
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    hi there can you help daughter wants to marry sept11 lara beach or belek area .. got it down to a few hotels to stay and have the ceremony
    xanadu,,,,,,royal wings...........barut lara .....cornellia diamond..sussie
    and we need help with the legalities.can you help please
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    The first thing they need to do is get their Certificate of Non Impediment from the UK Registry Office closest to them - this takes 21 days and is valid for 6 months (3 if from Scotland).

    I can help you - send me a contact email address and I will do my upmost. Don't want to fill the forum here with all our correspondence!!

    Sorry for the delay in this reply but I wasn't notified of your post :o(

    How many are planning on coming to Turkey and attending the wedding? are both bride and groom UK citizens?

    Look forward to hearing from you
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    Hi , im also planning to get married in turkey as me and my partner fell in love with the place a couple of year ago we stayed at the Yalcin hotel in hisaronu not far from the blue lagoon it is a brilliant hotel and they also do weddings the family who run the hotel are fantastic especially Eric go on there website and see for yourself. good luck with your wedding plans and hope your wedding day is fantasic.
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    dont send people personal details ask a travel agent in the UK
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    We are looking at the Blue Lagoon beach to get married at in May 2012. Would like to hear from anyone who has been married there or knows of anyone that could share their experience and maybe some photos. Thank you, Sarah x
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    Hi Clare
    Myself and my partner want to get married in belek whilst on holiday with 10 friends and family members in May this year. we are staying at Arcadia golf resort. can you help?

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    You must both have the correct documentation. If you are UK citizens you will need your certificate of Non Imediment (CONI) which you can obtain from your local registry office. You can't get married in Turkey without these.
    Check out the Turkish Consulate website for other information on the documents required

    It may be worth contacting the Arcadia and find out if they will help with any of the formalities - they will charge you!! It is possible to arrange your own wedding but very useful to have help especially with the translation of documents etc. You will need the help of a person that speaks Turkish or contact the consulate in Antalya
    British Vice-Consulate, ANTALYA
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    First of all check out the Turkish Consulate website

    As a minimum I think you will need passports, birth certificates and documentation declaring it is legal for you to marry. These all have to be translated into Turkish by a recognised interpreter in Turkey.

    It may be worth your while doing a search on Google for wedding planners in Turkey and seeking their advice.

    If you have a particular venue in mind contact them as well to find out if they offer wedding planning.

    OK you will have to pay for the service but it does take a lot of worry away from you.

    Good luck :o)
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    Finding a wedding planner can make your plans run smoother.
    Check Turkey weddings if you are in search for one....
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    Is it still posible to marry in the mosque in Turkey? Both muslim of course. Can you tell me what docujents we might need. I am british my husband is algerian. Many thanks.
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    Contct the consulate in the area you are interested in for up to date advice.

    Agan the main document you need other than passport and birth certificates is the CONI - Certificate of Non-Impediment from the UK registry office and the equivelent for your husband to be.
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    Thanks very much Clarecg
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    My husband and I are going to Altinkum in August, would it be possible to arrange an intimate turkish ceremony to renew our wedding vows while there
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    Altinkum is known for its beautiful beaches and its stunning scenery making it a perfect holiday resort to renew your wedding vows, whether you have booked a holiday and then decided it would be lovely to have a beautiful blessing on the beach or it’s something that you have chosen to do but can’t find that perfect setting, Altinkum Beach Wedding Planners they are specialised in making that blessing a truly special occasion and as good as the big day itself was.
    Whatever the reason for choosing to renew your vows, Altinkum beach weddings have a wide range of services whether you are looking for a large affair and a repeat of the big day, a small intimate group of family and friends or even just the two of just to remind yourselves of the love you have for each Altinkum wedding can’t tailor make a blessing personal to you just as they do with weddings. is one of the very few wedding planning services available in the areas of Altinkum and prides itself on its commitment to its customers and services it offers. They have a fantastic website site with lots of information and I am led to believe one of the only wedding planning that offer the services for renewing your vows.
    You can gain more information on renewing your wedding vows and have a look at their pictures by visiting their website at; they also have some great promotional deals on so don’t miss out on that romantic reminder of your love for one another and contact their wedding coordinator for more information. Also they have some great deals on now, will make your weddings, blessing special in Altinkum Turkey.
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    Many thanks for all your help... some good info here !
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    Can you help with any advice on getting married in lara beach. Really like some hotels from Thomas Cook. But they dont feature in their wedding collection. Is it still possible to marry in some of these hotels using a wedding planner? I have found it difficult to track down hotel direct e-mails to request this information (probably just being a bit thick!!)

    Any advice much appreciated x
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    of course you can get married in Lara Beach with Thomas Cook

    also there is a multi faith centre near Belek
    which hotel would you like to contact?
    have a look at this
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    I am looking to get married soon i am a uk resident and i am marrying a turkish man what would i need to get married and live there
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    Your marriage must be conducted by a Turkish official. You must obtain a document from the proper authorities in your own country attesting to your fitness for marriage: a marriage license or statement (Evlenme Ehliyet Belgesi) from embassy or consular authority’s resident in Turkey. Only civil marriage is legal in Turkey. You may, of course, have any religious ceremony you wish in addition to the civil one, but the religious service has no legal standing in Turkey.
    The minimum age for marriage is 18 years.
    Only those persons who have sufficient mental capacity to make fair judgments are allowed to marry. Mental illness is a bar to marriage.
    Marriage between close relatives is prohibited.
    Any previous marriage must have been dissolved before you can marry in Turkey. Polygamy and polyandry are illegal.
    A divorced woman must wait 300 days following the date of her divorce to marry again. A Turkish divorce decree may also require a waiting period for a divorced man.
    Certain illnesses, such as epilepsy, constitute a bar to marriage.
    Documents necessary to be married in Turkey:
    1. Marriage petition (Evlenme Beyannamesi)
    2. Certificate of Capacity to Marry (Evlenme Ehliyet Belgesi): either a marriage license from your own country, or a statement from your country's consulate or embassy in Turkey
    3. Personal identification (passport, identification card, birth certificate or health certificate)
    4. Photographs of the bride and groom (four copies of each) for the official records.
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    The main thing to arrange is your CONI (Certificate of Non Impediment) which you get from your local registry office. It is valid here for 6 months from the date of issue. A lot of people forget this and it really holds things up as you have to apply at the consulate and then collect it 21 days later. It's sort of the equivalent of banns.

    To live here you would have to apply for a residents permit at the local polis yabanci (foreigner) department. The cost has recently come down for UK residents which is great. I applied and had to take along my passport and bank statements (with photocopies) then fill in the forms then and there. I then collected the permit a week later.

    Where are you intending to live and marry?

    Anything else you want to know just shout :o)
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    For professional help with getting married in Turkey, I would suggest consulting wedding pro's -
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    Hi myself and my wife would like to renew our vows when we go to Turkey on holiday this year (June 17th to June 30th), we are staying in the Sherwood Dreams hotel in Belek, can you give us any advice or point us in the right direction of how to go about booking something. We are already married so we dont actually need all the different paperwork I would assume, we are just looking to book some kind of ceremony either in our hotel or in the international church in Belek.

    We wanted to book it through the tour operator Thomas Cook, but they quoted us £839 and for a simple ceremony I would like to think we can get it cheaper by doing it ourselves.

    Please can you advise, any help you can offer will be greatly appreciated.

    Kind regards

    John Hewitt
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    Hi! There.
    I like to attend weds in turkey because the places of turkey is more attractive and turkey's environment is so beautiful. So, I can visits the places of turkey and make it very enjoyable.
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    Hi Jieh

    Renewing vows is a different ball game to getting married here.

    I don't know of a church in Belek but there is a very international one in the centre of Antalya - in Kaleici, the old town.
    St. Paul Union Church
    Yeni Kapi Sokak No: 24, Old City, Antalya
    Mailing address: P.K. 447, Antalya, Turkey
    E-mail: [email protected],com
    Website: http:\www,stpaulcc-turkey,com
    Tel: +
    Fax: +

    There is also the Church of St Nicholas at Demre - now I did see that they did weddings there on 6th December, but these are sort of mass weddings and lots of couples get married at the same time......
    I did find these contact details though:
    St. Nicholas Church kar??s?. Demre/Antalya/TURKEY
    Tel: +90 242 871 6248
    Fax: +90 242 871 6900
    Gsm: +90 553 646 8525

    You could contact the Sherwood Dreams directly and see if they can offer any package/prices etc. My guess is they'll be a lot cheaper than Thomas Cook
    Sherwood Dreams Resort
    Mehmet Akif Caddesi
    Bo?azak Mahallesi 29.Sokak No : 9
    Serik / Antalya
    0 242 731 09 00
    0 242 731 02 22
    [email protected]

    Obviously if you want a celebrant to officiate that will cost you. Also for a translator as well.

    This is quite tricky as all (legal) marriages in Turkey are civil rather than religious. I went to a civil ceremony last weekend and it was over in less than 15 minutes!
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    Me any my fiance want to get married in Turkey, we're living in the UAE and i'm muslim and my fiance is christian but we can't get married here because he has to change his religion and we don't want that, i was wondering if we could have a civil ceremony in Turkey?

    Can anyone advice me please?

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    Hi i am going 2 the sherwood dreams hotel 2 this june 20th- 5th july and was thinking about getting married there. I have emailed the hotel and jst waiting on reply. do you think iit can be done with so short notice like paper work etc. Any advice would be great.
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    Hi, I'm looking to get married in Turkey in June 2013. I've found the resort I want to stay at - the Delphin Diva in Antalya but am not sure what to do for the best ceremony wise. There will only be about 10 of us going out there so I don't want to have a huge reception but organising the ceremony myself when I know nothing about it (besides getting a CONI) is a really daunting task. Does anyone know if the Delphin diva could help with a wedding planner? I want to have my hair done beforehand and have some flowers but have no idea where to start. I've been looking every day for a week and it's starting to put me off the idea :o/

    TIA for any advice

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    Hi Anna

    Are you planning on visiting Antalya before your wedding? ?t could be the easiest way to get your arrangements under way.

    The Turkish Embassy gives the regulations here

    The British vice consulate in Antalya may offer advice for the local area.

    All legal marriages are civil ceremonys. The official will visit hotels or other places but you do need to contact them in advance. Also documentation needs to be translated to be valid. Remember your CON? ?s only valid for 6 months from the date of issue.

    Hair is an easy one!! There are so many hairdressers in Turkey and all offer hair, nails etc at a fraction of UK prices. Flowers are also available as well.

    A visit here before hand would be really worthwhile and probably a lot cheaper than a wedding planner! Have you contacted the hotel to ask your questions? Contact Details :
    Hotel Delphin Diva Premiere
    Kemera?z? Mevkii Lara - Antalya - T
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    Hi clarecg, thank you so much for your reply. We aren't able to come out beforehand unfortunately :( I have my heart set on the Delphin Diva but the wedding itself seems so complicated with so much involved! From all I have read this is how I understand things (please correct me if I am wrong)

    1. Get the CONI
    2. Once in Turkey, take all documents to the British Embassy in Antalya to get them translated, pay a fee. Book the ceremony.
    3. Need a translator present during the ceremony, pay for this too.
    4. need 2 witnesses who are not immediate family - the only people coming with us ARE immediate family :/
    5. the marriage certificate will need to be translated back into english once we are back in the UK if we are to use it for name change purposes etc. which also seems a bit long winded.

    I'm sure I have missed out loads of things but my brain is fried!
    Am I able to give a personal e-mail address out for further advice do you know?

    Thanks again,
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    Should anyone looking for professional help to get married in Turkey, you can check most questions are answered in site, their fees and they can assist couples all around Turkey.
    Good luck, and have fun on your wedding....
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    Anna - so sorry for not replying but connection problems coupled with a very heavy workload at the moment have made me a very lax correspondent.

    Not sure about the consulate translation or whether you can get the documents translated then verified by a Noter. Here's the contact details for the Consulate - no email...... but maybe you can fax and ask your questions.

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    Hi Clarecg

    we are visiting the Delphin Imperial in August 2013 and will be returning 2014 to get married, we are looking for a wedding planner who can help us with the legalities and organisation.

    Is there anyone you can recommend??


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    Hi Paul

    Sorry I don't know of anyone personally - a lot of us did all the legwork ourselves :oS

    ?t may be worth browsing through Google and identify a few then take time when you come next year to check them out. Also email the hotel and see if they offer any of the services.

    The main thing you both need is a Certificate of Non ?mpediment (CONI) fromt he UK regisrty office but not until a few months before the date of your wedding - ? think they are valid for 6 months here but you can't marry without one each!!

    Sorry not to be more help

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    Hi I'm looking to get married in June 2014 we are looking for a really nice hotel but that has something for the children i.e slides and kids club can you recommend anywhere please? we originally looked at the holiday village serigerme but the 9 hour round trip to the consulate has put me off thanks sarah x
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    Hi Sarah81

    Is there any particular area of Turkey you would prefer?

    Not sure if you actually need to go to the consulate if you both have your CONI (Certificate of non-impediment) There is a vice consul in Antalya (Konyaalti area) so possibly worth looking at Antalya hotels. I hardly ever stay in hotels here but may be worth looking at Lara, Beldibi (about an hour by bus from the consulate). If I do use hotels it tends to be the smaller family run places.
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