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  • So can i just check i have this right, i need my birth certicate which is stamped by the registry office, my change of name deed that has my wet ink signature on it and has also been signed by a solicitor to say it is a genuine deed, a certificate of no.impediment and my passport?
  • Leena the documents you have listed are correct. Have you been married before? if so you must supply your divorce decree.
    If you want to marry in November you need to get a move on as the CONI takes 3 be issued.

    I would also call the British Consulate in Istanbul for an appointment to drop off your documents for translation. By the way the translation cost between 300-400 Turkish Lira 
    Good luck

  • Thanks for your responses. I have an appointment tomorrow to apply for the CONI and my fiance will also book flights and accommodation.

    So once the hotel is booked we can obtain the local registry office details from the hotel to make an appointment? What I plan to do is make an appointment with the british consulate to have the CONI translated into Turkish, take it to the Turkish Governor to be legalised (the same day) and have an appointment with the registry office for the following day for the marriage ceremony to take place? Does this sound like something that would be possible or does a certain period of time have to pass between getting the CONI legalised and the ceremoney taking place?

    Do the registry offices usually have good availability for appointments?

    Can the medical appointments be booked in advance?

    Is it only the CONI that needs to be translated and legalised or does this have to be done with all documents?

    Sorry for all the questions I just need to make sure I get this right, the last thing I want is to arrive in Turkey and discover i have missed something. Thanks in advance.
  • Leena,

    You must have all your documents translated at the British Consulate.

    You will need a letter in Turkish signed by someone at the hotel to say you are staying there as a booking is not sufficient

    Don't forget your husband needs to have his documents translated into Turkish, usually Arabs go to a translator and Notary for translations.
    In your itinerary you have failed to take into account your blood tests/ medcals, "Nikah Talisi" sometimes you have to go the next day for the results. Istanbul is a huge city and running here and there from office to office will take time.

    You will also need 6 passport size photos for you and 6 for your husband.

    In my opinion it is unlikely you will be able to marry the day after legalising your documents. You will know the time scale better when you go to the marriage office to book the appointment .

    Good luck
  • Hello

    We are travelling to Turkey in May and are planning to get married while we are there. I understand all the legalities but I am struggling to find a venue. We only want a very simple ceremony and so I don't really want to pay a wedding planner as we don't want all the extras that seem to be in the packages. Our hotel does not do wedding ceremonies. Can anyone help please?
  • I should add ...... We are staying at the Mukarnas Resort & Spa so venues close to there if anyone knows of any please :-)
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    Vickoh , the Mukarnas Resort and Spa hotel is a great place to stay however it is located in Okurcalar which a very small place and there is not much to see or do outside of the hotel. 

    I believe you will need to marry in Alanya which is 30 minutes down the road. Here is the contact for the Alanya Registry office  Email or call the contact and they will assist you. 

    There are hundreds of great restaurants in Alanya who would gladly cater for your wedding reception just ask here are some restaurants listed on Trip Advisor.

    My parents own an apartment south of  Alanya and we have been to many restaurants over the years but not knowing your taste its hard to recommend. Some restaurants will also have the ceremony on their premises so you do not have to go to the registry office which is a bit grim. They can also arrange your wedding cake. Good luck.

  • That's great! Thank you very much for your help :-)
  • You should have a look at
    İts a company of a friend of mine.
    They organise beautiful wedding especially in cappadocia. You can also see the wedding they already organised
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    Marrying in Turkey might be a dream for many foreigners, because the country offers many idyllic sites, beaches, resorts, and great cities depending on your preferences for the places of a Wedding. Good thing is that you can start your honeymoon right after your wedding without losing any time; maybe taking a private tour or a Gulet cruise in the Aegean Sea

    Turkey provide a complete kaleidoscope of exciting opportunities 
    More importantly, a wonderful climate, turquoise waters of Aegean and Mediterranean Seas and the coastline, wealthy accommodation options with reasonable budget ,traditional Turkish hospitality, spirit of tolarance, warm and friendly communication, delicious foods, stunning landscape make our guests feel better and happy.

    Please feel free to contact for your any requests. 

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    we are visiting the USA in August 2013 and will be
    returning 2014 to get married, we are looking for a wedding planner who
    can help us with the legalities and organization.

    Bribie Island Accommodation
  • Austin,
    Turkey is a huge country, so you need to confirm which area or place you want to marry before you will be able to find a wedding planner.
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    Dear Austin,

    I would like to help you  I am a wedding planner inTurkey. We do wedding organisations in any place you wish to be. Our base is South Eagean & Mediterranean but we give services in İstanbul and in Cappadocia too.  Please feel free to share your request  with me. I am happy to give you all consultancy about the area, venues, paper work etc. before you make your desicion. Regards.

    please have a look  email: 
  • Hi Alethia ,

    I would like to know about you. Are you doing wedding? Where is your base and do you have a web page.please. Thanks.
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    Hi Sebnem, no I am not a wedding planner, I am an immigration and human rights lawyer based in the UK. Aston Law Practice based in Birmingam UK
    I have assisted many British and Europeans to bring their Turkish husband and wives to the United Kingdom and Ireland.
    On a personal note I have been married to my Turkish husband for several years and have travelled to many parts of Turkey and attended quite a few Turkish weddings.
  • Hi Alethia

    I was hoping i could get your help again, me and my fiance did not marry in November however we hope to go to Turkey soon to do so. My fiance is Syrian and currently in Saudi Arabia, i am british.

    My question is, does my fiance need a certificate of no impediment? He has obtained a document which states all his personal information and confirms his marital status as single the document is dated so the Turkish government can be sure that this is recent information. Is this sufficient?
  • The document confirms his name date of birth, place of birth, parents details and confirms that the information has been extracted from the civil register and has the date.
  • A certificate of no impediment is a European document so your fiance will have to use the document you mention. Normally this document would be certified at the Syrian Embassy but I am not sure its open due to the civil war. Once certified and translated into Turkish you both take your documents to the Governor's office in Istanbul to be ratified. 

    If the Syrian Embassy is closed take your partners documents to a Turkish notary.

    Syrian Embassy
    Sad No. 59/5
    TurkeyPHONELOCAL: (0212) 232.6721
    FAXLOCAL: (0212) 230.2215

  • Thank you for your help again :)
  • Alethia, could you tell me how long the CONI document is valid in Istanbul and also how long my partners certificate confirming his marital status as single is valid for (not sure if there is any difference between the 2)
  • The CONI is valid for six months but I do not know how long your partners documents are valid for he needs to ask the Syrian authorities, 
  • Having recently got married in Turkey I just wanted to share some information on here.....for anyone wanting to marry in Turkey, you no longer need a certificate of no impediment. As of 1 March 2014 the rules for British Citizens wishing to marry in Turkey have changed. A British Citizen who wants to marry in Turkey now needs to complete an Affirmation/Affidavit form which can be printed from if you copy and paste this link you should be able to view and print it 
    if you can't then simply go to the website and type in the search engine "Marriage in Turkey". Once you have printed and completed the form you will need to go to a Notary Public who will witness you sign the form and notarise it for you. Then you will need to have it legalised by the Foreign Commonwealth Office. The Certificate of No Impediment is no longer used and the British Consulate and Embassy no longer translate this into Turkish for you. Personally I think the new process is much easier. When you arrive in Turkey you will need to have the Apostil on the Affirmation/Affidavit translated into Turkish by a Notary Public who will notarise it, then you take it to the Turkish authority for them to stamp it too. You will need to do the same for a copy of your passport. Once this is done, you need to have your blood tests done to obtain a health certificate - the tests are for Hepatitis and HIV. The marriage office will be able to tell you where you need to go for this doing. Hope this information is of benefit for anyone looking into marrying in Turkey.

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    Actually Leena most people find the Apostille route more difficult and expensive, Based on feed back from my clients and other sites.

    Before a British person went to the Registry office paid £37 and sixteen days later had had the CONI which was then translated at the British Embassy and certified by the Turkish governors office for free.

    There is no fixed fees for Notary Publics in the UK so they can charge what they like for notarising the form, Notary Publics are not open every day in the UK and can be hard to find Then £30 is payable to the British government for the apostille and can take up to a week to come back.

    After that the Document is translated by a Turkish Notary and another fee payable finally it is certified at the Turkish governors office.So more payments and more bureaucracy. 

    The blood tests are for a lot more than Hepatitis and HIV  they are also for Thalassemia sometimes known as Mediterranean Fever a genetic disorder.

    Congratulations on your marriage I hope you and your husband will be very happy.
  • Thank you Alethia. The certificate of no impediment is no longer an option for british citizens, as i explained it is the affidavit/affirmation that has to be completed. The government website will explain that the process changed on 1 March 2014 and the british consulate in Turkey will confirm that they no longer translate the documents im speaking from experience.

    I followed the CNI process in Nov 2013 but we couldnt marry at that time then when i returned this month i discovered the new process, thankfully i discovered it before travelling there.

    Also, the certificate from the medical centre that i obtained only stated the test was for hepatitis B and C and also HIV, it also says the blood type. Maybe they no longer test for Thalassemia.

    I think its great you are here to help people Alethia and the information you gave me previously was very helpful but i can say from a very recent experience that the information i have given about the CNI no longer being accepted is 100% correct.

    I also never needed my birth certificate as the affidavit/affirmation that you complete includes all this.

    Hope your assistance helps more people in the future. Take care :)
  • I know your information is correct Leena, I did not mean to undermine what you said. There are always constant changes in every countries systems and I am fully up to date with the changes in Turkish requirements.

    Thalassemia is an on going genetic disease prevalent in mediterranean countries and is most definitely included in the blood tests for Turks.

    My best wishes for the future
  • Hi Alethia,  my name is kaz I am in UK,  I have spoke to you today regarding, getting married in Istanbul Turkey, which you asked me my Email so you can send me all the relevant information.  I be very very great full if you can help me with this matter as it has been a nightmare for, the days and night searching the Net contacting Authorities her in UK and in Istanbul, as I can not speak Turkish it is very difficult to communicate with them, and they are some Planer which we are not interested in such a package at the same time they are very very Expensive, all we want  just a simple Marriage in a Registry Office in Istanbul Turkey. I am looking forward to hear You. Many thanks for such great help YOU are.
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    Dear Alethi, I was really hoping after I spoke to you yesterday on the phone that you will Email me all the relevant Information regarding getting married in Istanbul Turkey. I have called your office number of times and left few massages, I know that you are trying to help a lot of people like me and it is wonderful and it is great help and I have to say many thanks to you, but as I we are planing to get married by 17th of May, and I feel running out of time, and that is why, looking forward to hear from you. Believe me IF I WAS NOT IN NEED OF YOUR HELP AND INFORMATION'S THAT YOU SAID GOING TO EMAIL ME I WOULD OF NOT TAKING YOUR TIME AT ALL, and I KNOW YOU ARE DOING THIS FOR FREE WHICH IT IS A GREAT HELP TO A LOT OF PEOPLE LIKE ME ANS SO ON, PLEASE PLEASE I NEED YOUR HELP, Many Many thanks Again
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    Kazman, the following is the procedure for British citizens who marry in Turkey.

    2. Take the document to a Notary Public in the UK where it will be sworn. You will need your passport and if you are divorced your decree absolute, death certificate if you are widowed
    3. Once sworn you submit the document to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.
    4. When you are  in Turkey you have the document translated into Turkish and notarised with a Turkish notary
    5. You then take it to the Governors office in Istanbul where it will be legalised. 
    6. Then you go to the marriage office and book your wedding - they will tell you where to go for blood tests
    7. Blood tests done and results given to Belidyesi marriage office.
    8. Now you can marry

    As you fiancee is Iranian she will need to prove she is free to marry with documents from her own country. These must also be translated by the Turkish notary and legalised at the governors office..
    Good luck.

  • Dear Alethia, thank you very much for these information, there is couple of things I would like to ask, I have downloaded the affirmation, which is also it is in Turkish too, do I need I need to translate in to Turkish again or, No , what about Passport and the Birth Certificate do I need to Translate them her in UK or No., In Istanbul do you know any Trusted and reasonable Turkish  Notray, and the other thing you told me over the phone it is much cheaper to translate them in Istanbul, but I was told the minimum charge for translation for one page is $80 to $100 is this true, and I be great full if you know some one in Istanbul can translate reasonable charge. Do you know how much normally the Public Notary will charge, Tonight you said I have to legalese the Sworn affirmative and submit to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, can I ask you that what will be the cost and how long it take, can I take it myself to them or No, and the Final question Do you know how much the Registry Office will charge. Again thank you very very nuch for all the help you have given me and any one like me , keep all the good work. Many many thanks again and again, look forward to your answer...
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