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Weddings in Turkey



  • Yes she has arrived, tomorrow we translate papers
  • Is it important to get document stating your free to marry from embassy ? For me and her
  • We both have single status certificate or CONI
  • @mozak I just got married in Turkey a few months ago, my wife and I are both non-Turkish citizens, but I lived in Turkey for a quite long time, so I have a good experience about the documents there and how it works there.
    Both of you must have the following documents:
    -Single marital status and a birth of certificate (to be translated, notarized in Turkish and stamped from each of your embassies or consulates or have the Apostille of your ministry of foreign affairs). it takes from 2 to 3 days
    -your Address (Hotel, apartment etc,,,) AND IT MUST BE IN THE SAME MUNICIPALITY OF YOUR AREA, so for example, if you are staying in Sultan Ahmet which means you have to collect all the documents above and get the civil marriage done in FATIH MUNICIPALITY.
    -Marriage health medical test and it has to be done in a governmental hospital in the same area ie (Fatih). Usually, it costs something about 200 Turkish lira and takes 3 working days to 1 week.
    -Both of your passports translated and notarized in Turkey then stamped from your consulates. I recommend (Diltra translation office) because they are professional and they will give you all the help you need right on time. I came up with this due to my own experience with them. it shouldn't take more than 2 days
    -8 to 12 photos with white background and you can smile in the photo because the municipality will glue those your photos on the marriage contract :smile:
    Moreover, you need to know if you chose a less crowded area, it would take less time in the municipality, so try to avoid the hotspot areas in Istanbul such as Beyoglu and Fatih.
    if you have any further questions don't hesitate to ask!
    good luck and EARLY CONGRATULATIONS! (tebrik ederiz) ;)
  • @mozak
    If you already have the single status document thats fine.
    Have you found a translator?
  • Yes I found translator , notes 13

    After translation , what's next step ?

    We go to government office for legalization

    Please give me address , it's more strain people don't speak English

    We have documents stamped from our consulates from our home countries

    Problem another, fatih baladeyesi say after they take document , give date for contract after 2 weeks :(

    Our whole trip was from two weeks

    Can some one help , how to make it faster

    Another thing

    Can we do health report from private clinic ?

    Government clinic take more time 3 days
  • Unfortunately, we book hotel in kumkapi, western amber hotel, which belediyesa it cover ?

    Faith ??

    More time for contract it takes,
  • edited November 2016
    The whole reason you have a translator is to help you book everything and sort out the red tape. Use their services and the hotel staff will know which beladiya is responsible for weddings. I believe it is Fatih beladiya.
    Get the interpretor to explain to the marriage office that you need an earlier date.There is no waiting time to marry in Turkey.
    Yes you can get the health reports from a private clinic
  • Another problem

    They don't accept birth certificate from consulate of India in Canada

    They want from consulate India in turkey

    I am not sure if consulate India issue birth certificate or no
  • @mozak
    I have never heard of Turkey not accepting a birth certificate.Go to the Indian Embassy and ask them to cerify your birth certificate as legal
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