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Single entry visa for Turkey

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What is the difference between single entry and multiple entry visa?


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    Multiple allows you to enter Turkey, pop over to Greece for few days, re-enter Turkey, maybe visit Cyprus, re-enter again... useful for peripatetic tourists and business people I suppose. Single entry is just what it says on the packet - a visa that is good for one entry.
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    As David says the visas do what they say on the tin!!

    Basically you can come in and out of Turkey as many times as you like on a multiple entry visa - for UK residents this is 90 days for £10 or 15 Euro for European residents. It's the visa that you buy at the airport as you land in Turkey. So if you come over in June and then decide you like it so much you want another holiday in early September as long as your travel dates are within 90 days of the first entry stamp you don't have to buy another visa!
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