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West Palm Beach (PBI) transportation on the cheap, but nice!!

edited July 2010 in - USA
Been travelling to West Palm for over 10 years now for business. Usually stay on Singer Island and work in Palm Beach Gardens. Never pay less than $55 in a Town Car or $45 for a cab at the airport concession. Even pre-arranged cars through other companies, the fare was never less than $50 in a Sedan...

Found E and R Transportation on Craigslist. They charge $2/mile for all local service, well below that of any sedan or taxi in the area. My bill came to $30. Not kidding. Young, english-speaking drivers from NY...very reliable..I will use them from now on whenever I fly into PBI..I suggest you do as well.

E and R Transportation: 561-506-9499.

You're welcome!


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    I utilized this company for transportation once and since then, they have fraudulently charged my credit card for three additional transactions. I have called multiple times to get this resolved and each time there is a different excuse. First it was computer issue, then they said they would issue the credit, then they said they would issue me a refund. Months later and they still have done nothing to resolve the issue. I have had to dispute the charges with my credit card company.

    This company is dishonest and untrustworthy!!!!!
  • Must be a competitor of theirs..

    But nice try!!!
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