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Is the Midwest really that boring?

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Where are places to go in the midwest on holiday? Most travel seems to be on both coasts or in the south. Surely there are some cool places to visit but what are they?


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    There are some great things to see and do in the midwest ... you might not know that wine can be found throughout the region. I believe that Catawba grapes were first discovered in Ohio in 1802 and today vineyards bursting with Catawba grapes cover the shores around Lake Erie. Also don't miss the wineries of Michigan and Missouri!
  • The midwest has some the country's most impressive scenery, for example Yellowstone National Park or Glacier National Park in the North Midwest are among the most beautiful sites in America so are the Grand Tetons in Wyoming. The lines of the midwest are blurry at best and i will leave the southwest out, such as the Grand Canyon and the Arizona desert which speak for themselves. The midwest has great ski destinations in Wyoming such as Jackson Hole and many places in Montana. The upper Mississippi River is beautiful and covers sceneic and historic landscapes of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Ilinios. If scenery still sounds boring, cool cities to party in inlcude Minneapolis, Missoula, Miluakee Pittsburgh and many other older cities that have undergone recent renual. For a cool mini guide to a midwest historic road trip look at this in the New York Times
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    Chicago is a fantastic city to visit and has a lot to offer. Great restraunts, entertainment. It would be a shame to miss it!
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    St. Louis Missouri is a wonderful place to visit as well. We have many fun things for the family (St. Louis Zoo - voted one of the best) a cool place called City Museum which is more of a playground for children and adults alike than a museum. We have 6-flags over mid-america which is approximately 30 minutes from downtown St.Louis. Also there are several wineries with bed and breakfasts. We have upscale nightclubs (think New York of Las Vegas) and a wonderful historical district called Soulard which has a ton of great blues bars. Of course, there is the arch. We have "the landing" which is similar to Bourbon Street, but you can't take your drinks out of the bars. If that doesn't suit your needs, there are beautiful rivers for canoeing or rafting, horseback riding. St. Louis and its surrounding areas have what I believe to be a good variety of city life, family activities, and nature.
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    I almost forgot, we have water sports, snow skiing / boarding, and golf as well.
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    You didn't say which area you are thinking you see from the other comments, the midwest is a huge area. If you are driving along I-70, you pass through both St. Louis and Kansas City. Lewis and Clark Expedition is represented in both areas. St. Charles, along the river between the 2 cities, is a great example of the old river towns which were created due to the steamboats, and was influenced by the French. Kansas City has the country's best WWI museum at Liberty Memorial, The Plaza, a downtown-upscale community, built to resemble Seville, Spain, because it is the sister city of KC. You can watch real Pro Sports: football, baseball, soccer, race cars etc... learn about the cattle drives, poney express started from Kansas City, most of the famous "trails west" started in either St. Louis or KC, so YES, go there. It is a slice of the more "authentic" look at America, not the tourist trap. Also, there are wonderful Lakes....Lake of the Ozarks and Table Lake are huge. Get on the internet and have all these places send you brochures.
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