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Travel safety in Mexico

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hello, Im Nicole I will be 16 when I plan on exchanging to mexico. My mom does not want me to go. I wanted to know If it is a good idea to go to mexico,guadalajara right now? what would the dangers be and also the benefits.
Thanks nicole


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    Nicole,I know an elderly couple who moved to guadalajara and they didn't say anything about crime rates being too horrible.Although they were robbed once.Just be careful crossing the street because if someone hits you they will make sure they kill you so you can't sue them for maiming you.Also be aware of your surroundings.You could easily be tricked into a bad situation.Avoid getting involved with drug lords,too.Do NOT take a taxi.Stay indoors at night.They said it is goregeous,though.Plus the beach isn't that faraway.Above all BE A SAFE TRAVELLER!!!
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