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Is it worth risking and going without a visa to Turkey?

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Just found out my bf needs visa from the Turkish Embassy before going there for holidays....

It is not possible to get it on time [our hosl starts 31/07], is it worth risking and still going there without visa?

Will he be refused entry on the turkish airport or they might give him a usual 'stamp visa' as they would for anyone with passport [he has got a certificate of travel issued by UK] when they see all his papers are ok + we have all inclusive hols booked for only one week?

PLease advise...


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    What nationality is your boyfriend?

    If Uk or European he would only need to buy a tourist visa on entry to Turkey at the airport.

    Have you called the Turkish Embassy in London (or where you live) to try and expediate the process?

    I really wouldn't risk just coming and hoping. The passports are scanned etc to check them. I know this as my last visa date stamp was unclear so they checked the records while I waited.
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    He has indefinite leave to remain in the UK and certificate of trave issued by the home office, not a passport so he has to apply and a 'stamp visa' is not enough for him unfortunatelly...

    I called Turkish Embassy in London and was told that there was nothing they could do re appointment dates [visa itself takes aprox 3 days]

    Thanks for the response anyways
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    I really wouldn't risk just turning up and hoping. Have a word with your travel agent who you booked it through and see if you can change destination. The fee that may be charged will probably be a lot less then you losing your holiday.

    Also check whether the Turkish Embassy like some have "a turn up and wait" system for visas - some embassies do.

    Sorry not to be able to give you any better advice.
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