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Trip to Slovenia

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I am thinking of making a trip to Slovenia with my wife within the next 2 or 3 years or so, as I have seen pictures of this beautiful country and plan to explore a bit.

Any information welcome, particularly:

1. When is the best time of year to go?
2. Any cheap (budget) hotels in Ljubljana?
3. How many days would be ideal to see the country - I am considering about 10 days
4. Is it easy to get around, as neither of us drive? From what I know, transport is extremely limited at weekends.
5. What do you recommend visiting? Any comments on the key attractions: Triglav, Bled, the sea, etc? We are in our fifties and do not like the party life.

Hvala (that's "thank you" in Slovene),



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    1) I'd say anywhere between april and october is a good time to visit... unless you're interested in winter sports. Earlier than april and you can have cold/unpleasant weather (in some higher reagions there's still snow) & there isn't much greenery... after october it tends to be rather gloomy.
    2) Sorry, I can't say much about that as I'm not familiar with hotels in my area (never needed to stay in one)
    3) I'd say a week to 10 days would be a good amount of time if you plan to explore the country and not simply stay in one region
    4) Not sure about busses - there are train connections to most major towns even on sundays (actually, the connections are worse on saturdays - since on sundays there's lots of students that need transportation back to their university) but it's better to check the timetable on the internet otherwise you can end up spending too much time at the train station, waiting for the next train. I've had a couple of unpleasant 2 hour waits when I missed my train for Maribor. The trains are generally on time, unless there's really bad weather (snow, for example).
    5) Bled & Bohinj are fantastic. The prices can be a bit high, but the environment is beautiful. If you go there I'd highly recommend that you go and see the Vintgar Gorge. The coast is quite nice - it's great for a shorter stay, just to walk around and see stuff. Postojna Cave - might seem pricey, but definitely worth it. I've been there 2x. Škocjan caves - also beautiful. I hear that Triglav is great - personally, I can't really say since I've never been there myself. There's lots of things to see - and since Slovenia is so small it's quite easy to go and see things/places in different regions. Honestly, I wouldn't say that it's a "party" oriented country - apart from summer festivals & night clubs.
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    There are some cheap hostels in Ljubljana, like Alibi (, Emonec Hotel ( or M-Hotel ( for the start in Ljubljana. All other informations can be found on pages and ;)
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    My wife and I are planning a motorcycle tour in Slovenai in August or September this year. We will arrive in Ljubljana, ride to Jeruzalem, then to Sezana, then to Bovec, then to Bihinj and back to Ljubljana. This tour will last 8 days. I would be grateful for any advice on what roads to take so that we can enjoy scenic rides between these locations. Thank you
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