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Spending Money in Tunisia - how much?

edited July 2010 in - Tunisia
HI I am off to pek next month for 11 days half board anyone got any ideas how much spending money i will need to take there are 4 of us going.I havent got loads of money to spare so i wont be doing many excursions maybe the sahara trip .Also has anyone stayed at the golf residence hotel i have heard mixed reviews on it.


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    Helm - it will depend on what you want to do as to how much money you need. If you are going to stay in the hotel then you will only need a few dinars by day for drinks etc. If you want to eat out it's quite cheap, and as you are on 1/2 board, perhaps if you budget for around TND20-30 per day. This translates to around GBP10 - 15 so you can see it's very cheap here for foreigners. As I don't know how much spare cash you have this can only be a guideline. To save money why not go to the market and stock up on some fruit and bread, cheese etc. Then you will save even more and can have great picnics on the beach etc. As you are coming in August, please be aware that Ramadan starts approx 11 August but as you are in a touristique area most everything will be open but probably with reduced hours.

    Reviews can be difficult - The Golf is a very popular hotel, just know that our star rating is not the same as in Europe, eg a 4 star here is equivalent to a 2 or 3 here.

    Hope you will have a great vacation
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    Stayed at the Golf residence last year, really good and the food was excellent.
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    hi helm im just back from pek stayed 7days 1/2 board and spent £250 seems alot but we ate out every day drank day and night bought present used the phones and also tiped well so all in all it wasnt bad hope this helps
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