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Visiting Paphos, Cyprus in December a good idea?

I have the opportunity to vacation for a week in the city of Paphos, Cyprus, from December 8 - 15. I am from the US (Northern California), and have never been in Europe so late in the year. But I have an "exchange" with my timeshare that I have to use this year, and one location that popped up was the Pafiana Heights Resort in Paphos. Looking at online weather sites it says rainy and averaging 60 degrees F in December. We enjoy touring historic sights, exploring foreign cities, and taking in local music and cultural activites. Will we be able to enjoy that sort of thing in December? As I said, I've never experienced a winter in Greece and don't know if all the interesting places will either be closed or too soggy to enjoy visiting...

(For background -- we really enjoyed visiting London in the fall, my wife fell in love with Italy in the Spring, and I really liked St. Petersburg, Russia in spring and fall, and Munich in the early winter).

Thank you very much for any advice!



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    Paphos in December can be lovely. I was here last year until the 14th and it was warm and sunny and I didn't need the heating on in my house at all. It is usually nice until Christmas but even then it can be warm and sunny. Having said that, if it rains it will be cooler during the day but not cold. Winter does not really begin until after Christmas when the nights are chilly but the days are still warm if the sun is out. It can be like an English spring day but as soon as the sun goes down the temperature drops quite sharply. I hope this helps and enjoy your stay.
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    Its a good idea,but this time Cyprus is too cold...I think you should go there in july and August,that is the best time to go there from my point of view..I also went there in august,and spend 3 nights and 4 days in Cyprus Villas( hope you like my suggestion..
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