Schengen Visa requirements: proof of funds

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Hi, i am a South African Citizen who never travelled abroad. My husband is in the meat industry and has a customer who imegrated to Spain. He has now opened a butchery in Spain and want my husband to come and train his staff a little on how to make things from meat that you can find here but not there. He also invited me with. Now i have searched the internet to get as much information as possible but notice that one of the Visa requirements is that you should proof that you have money in your bank account to sustain yourself while you are over there. As middleclass workers we don't have lots of money in the bank, so we won't be able to proof this. Isn't there another way to get around this requirement. Although this person is going to pay all our expenses, can't it just go through as a business visit. It's here where i need help with. How does one do this?


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