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Traveling to Aruba with a Felony Record????

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I am traveling to Aruba for 5 days on Aug 12th and I have already purchased my plane ticket as well as booked my room. I have a felony & misdemeanor on my criminal record; both of which were in the past and I served no prison time for either. I was wondering if I can still travel to Aruba without being turned away at the customs border? I have heard that a person with a felony cannot travel to and enter Canada and certain countries in Euroupe; is this the case with Aruba?
I am traveling with my girlfriend and she is unaware of my past indiscretions and I was hoping to get them expunged before telling her about it. I'm afraid that I will get to Aruba and be turned away and thus destroying my chance to tell her in my own time and way as well as ruining our Aruba vacation.

Can someone please tell me what I can do to enter Aruba without hindrance or if I would be hindered at all while trying to travel there?

I appreciate any responses...Thank you!


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    I have the same question, we have a family member that wants to go with a record.

    I have been researching caribean all day. One common bit of advice is to contact the embassy there and ask them anonymously.
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    I have called Immigration and spoken to the supervisor there. According to him, unless you have criminal record in Aruba you will be permitted to enter. His English was not the best but according to him a U.S. criminal record should not be an issue.

    If you need to call; the number for immigration is 297-528-7155.

    Happy Travels!
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